Tusk Pannier Racks

$169.99 - $229.95

…attaching soft luggage simple as well. For the ultimate set-up, check out the Tusk Aluminum Panniers. When you are ready for adventure motorcycle riding, Tusk is ready to make it easier and more enjoyable! *Tusk Pannier Racks are machine specific for a perfect fit and simple installation. *Exclusive…

Tusk MX D-Flex MC Handguards


*Tusk handguards protect your hands from roost and brush. *Handguards can be positioned independently from levers. *Tusk hand shields are made from durable, injection molded plastic and are replaceable. *Clamps are made from lightweight 6061 aluminum with a T6 heat treatment for added strength.…

Tusk Aluminum Panniers with Pannier Racks

$374.99 - $459.95

…removal of OEM passenger foot pegs. *Requires removal of OEM passenger foot pegs. *To increase strength and rigidity, the Tusk Pannier Racks for the Honda CRF250L Rally include a Tusk Top Rack. This design provides extra pannier rack support and additional value. *Design allows for air filter panel…

Tusk Aluminum Panniers

$224.99 - $249.99

…tall, 7 ½" deep, and 16 ¼" wide. Both are sold in pairs. Tusk motorcycle panniers can be mounted to most pannier racks (mounting hardware not included – mounting hardware is specific to the pannier rack). They are highly recommended with the Tusk Pannier Racks. *Durable aluminum panniers that offer…

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Tusk Top Rack

$59.99 - $79.99

…extra gear, the Tusk Top Rack is what you are looking for. Made from tough ¼” powder-coated aluminum, this light rack is made to hold up. With a multi-point mounting system and seamless integration with Tusk Pannier Racks, the versatility of this rack has you covered. The Tusk Top Rack features…

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Tusk Pillion Rack


…the Tusk Pillion Rack in its place. The Tusk Pillion Rack mounts securely using OEM hardware and stock bolting locations. This rack features plenty of ways to secure your load with several strapping locations. The Tusk Pillion Rack integrates seamlessly with the Tusk Pannier Racks, and the Tusk Top…

Tusk Motorcycle Tire Bead Tool


*No more fighting to keep bead down while installing off-road motorcycle tires. *This tool makes installation of off-road motorcycle tires easier by holding the bead down while the tire is worked on the rim with tire irons. *Helps keep the tire in the rim's "Drop Center" making it easier to get the…

Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge


The Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge is a professional grade tire pressure gauge perfect for motorcycle and ATV applications. Like all Tusk parts and accessories for motorcycles and ATVs, the Professional Tire Gauge is made from high quality materials and put to a high standard of quality. High…

Tusk High Fender Kit

$99.99 - $209.95

…Sport bike can create dangerous situations when riding through muddy or wet gravel conditions. The Tusk raised fender kit provides a solution to the problem. Get off the pavement and install the new Tusk High Fender kit on your bike, a perfect addition for the off-road adventure rider. *Includes new…

Tusk Handguard Adaptor


*Replacement mounts for Tusk Aluminum Hand Guards. *Only fits 7/8" bars. *Sold in Pairs.

Tusk Pannier Handles


The Tusk Aluminum Pannier boxes are the ultimate motorcycle adventure panniers offering outstanding storage, durability, and convenience. The Tusk Pannier Handles make the boxes even more convenient. Easy-to-attach handles make carrying panniers easy and more comfortable. The Tusk Pannier Handles…

Tusk Generator Cover Gasket


*Tusk Gaskets are made from quality materials designed to match and replace stock gaskets. *Made from a synthetic fiber blend gasket material which allows for easy gasket removal for hassle free repairs. *Both Tusk gasket part #'s 132-211 and 132-212 should be replaced when installing the Eagle mfg.…

Tusk Generator Case Gasket


*Tusk Gaskets are made from quality materials designed to match and replace stock gaskets. *Made from a synthetic fiber blend gasket material which allows for easy gasket removal for hassle free repairs. *Both Tusk gasket part #'s 132-211 and 132-212 should be replaced when installing the Eagle mfg.…

Tusk MX Grips


…whether you're on the MX track, the trail or the dunes. Tusk grips will give you the level of control that you need. The Tusk MX grips are designed for twist throttles. So if you need new grips for your dirt bike, you'll love Tusk's hand grips. They're an excellent choice to put on your handlebar.…

Tusk Headlight Shield


The Tusk Headlight Shield protects your fragile glass headlight from all the rocks and roost you may encounter during your dual sport motorcycle adventures. Made of 1/8” clear polycarbonate, it is designed to withstand the elements to protect your motorcycle headlight. The Tusk headlight guard is…

Tusk Universal License Mount


The Tusk license mount is the perfect way to mount your license plate or registration decals. Its sleek high density polyethylene (HDP) plate is strong enough to withstand all of the abuse you can give it. Includes all hardware needed to mount in a variety of different ways. Tusk offers a License…

Tusk Float Bowl Wrench


The Tusk Float Bowl Wrench makes jetting changes or draining your carburetor easier to do. This compact-designed aluminum wrench is made to fit in the tight space below your carburetor to remove the 17mm hex float bowl nut. The 12 point hex wrench is made from strong 6061 T6 aluminum. Perfect for…

Tusk Petcock Rebuild Kit


The Tusk Petcock Rebuild Kit will repair your worn, leaky petcock so it works like new. This kit contains the petcock body O-ring, the internal seal, the outer O-ring and screws to rebuild your stock petcock. All items are made to OEM specifications & quality. When in need of quality parts for you…

Tusk Grip Donuts


The Tusk grip donuts are a must for all motorcycle enthusiasts! The donuts are constructed from a high-density neoprene for a soft squish to comfort the thumb and inside of the hand to prevent against blisters. No worry when it comes to fitment issues, these work with all styles of grips. Tusk

Tusk Throttle Tube

$4.99 - $6.99

The Tusk Throttle Tube makes a great replacement for your worn or broken throttle tube. Tusk throttle tubes are made to OEM specifications for a perfect fit. Tusk throttle tubes are injection molded out of a nylon plastic composite to meet or exceed OEM strength and durability. *Quality replacement…

Tusk Pannier Box Liners

$17.99 - $19.99

…riding. The Tusk Pannier liners are sold in pairs. The pair is designed to fill one tusk pannier (2 liners/bags in each pannier) perfectly. These durable liners may fit other brand panniers as well. Making packing for your next dual sport/adventure motorcycle ride easier with the Tusk Pannier Box…

Tusk License Light


The Tusk license light is the most efficient way to light up your license or registration decals. Its universal capability makes your usage options endless for whatever else you may need it for. With the light’s bolt like design, it is best used to replace a regular license holder plate bolt.…

Tusk Spark Plug Wrench

$4.99 - $5.99

*Tusk offers a huge variety of professional tools for motorcycles, ATV’s, and UTV’s. *The Tusk 18mm Spark Plug Wrench fits all 18mm hex plugs as well as all "D" NGK plugs making it fit a wide variety of machines. The wrench is 118.5mm tall (4 2/3'). Includes a removable handle to make using this…

Tusk Handlebar-End Mirror


The Tusk bar-end mirror is ideal for vehicles that ride on and off road. This mirror features high quality construction and a fold-away pivot to protect it when riding off-road. The Tusk bar-end mirror fits any 7/8” handlebar clamping area making it universal for most motorcycles and ATV’s. It also…

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Tusk Reusable Oil Filter

$9.99 - $17.99

…the king of oil filters. In fact, this may be the last oil filter you ever need to buy! With the Tusk Reusable Stainless Steel Oil Filter, your days of purchasing numerous oil filters are over. *Tusk Reusable Stainless Steel Oil Filters are high performance oil filters that provide increased flow…

Tusk Moto Mud Remover


The Tusk Moto Mud Remover works great to remove heavy mud between motos. The mud remover has a long 15” design with a mud scraper on both ends – 2 ½” and 1” wide. This makes it easy to remove mud in tight places on and around your motorcycle and ATV fenders, engine, skid plate, wheels, etc. The tusk

Tusk Grip Heater Kit


The Tusk Grip Heater Kit makes it easy to keep your hands warm when riding your motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile. The grip heater heat panels fits under the handlebar grips and are very easy to install. The grip heater has High and Low heat settings to make it easy to set your comfort level. Works on…

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Tusk Handlebar Risers

$18.99 - $24.99

The Tusk Handlebar Riser Kit makes it easy to increase the handlebar height on your motorcycle or ATV. Tusk handlebar risers are made from tough billet 6061 T-6 aluminum and come with high-grade 12.9 chromoly steel bolts. Tusk makes handlebar risers for both 7/8" and 1 1/8" handlebars. Additionally,…

Tusk LED Bulb


The Tusk LED Bulb is a great addition to any bike. These light bulbs are meant to replace the OE style bulb and give you more light with less power draw. Made with an aluminum body, these bulbs are well built and made to last. Uses all stock mounting and stock electrical plugs. When in need of parts…

Tusk Oil Filter Socket


The Tusk Oil Filter Socket tool makes oil changes much faster and easier. Used with a 3/8" drive ratchet, it fits perfectly over the top of your screw on type filter for effortless removal and installation. Constructed of strong stamped steel and coated with a black finish for durability. When…

Tusk Torx Wrench Set


…more and more common on motorcycles, ATVs, and side-by-sides. The Tusk Torx Wrench Set is the perfect compact tool for your toolbox. This 9 piece Torx wrench set features strong S2 steel construction with a satin finish. Tusk motorcycle, ATV, and UTV accessories and tools boast high quality and…

Tusk D-Flex Handguards


…7/8" bars with big bar adaptors available by ordering separately. *For Dirt Bikes only. *Package includes: 1-pair of Tusk Aluminum Handguards with 7/8" bar hardware and 1-pair of Tusk Plastic Handguard Shields. (Larger 1 1/8” clamps are sold separately) *For additional shield protection, spoilers…

Tusk Rear Brake Clevis


Tusk rear brake clevises are CNC machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum for a perfect fit to replace your stock clevis. Brake clevises are anodized for corrosion resistance and to give your motorcycle that factory look. *Made from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum. *Anodized for corrosion resistance…

Tusk 8mm Flange Bolts

$1.25 - $4.99

Tusk 8mm bolt kits are perfect for replacing highly used 8mm bolts in Tusk bolt kits or to have some extra bolts in your tool box. Tough 8.8 grade bolts are perfect for your motorcycle, atv, or UTV. *Strong 8.8 grade 8mm thread steel bolts *Flange design with 10mm hex head *Comes in a bag of 15

Tusk Snap Ring Pliers


The Tusk Snap Ring Plier is the solution for those hard to remove snap rings or circlips. The pliers include different attachments to install or remove both internal and external snap rings. The pliers are equipped with four reversible heads to optimize snap ring fitment, consisting of: 2 pairs of…

Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube


The Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube is a great OEM replacement throttle tube that is much stronger than stock motorcycle throttle tubes. Constructed of a 6061 T6 aluminum for maximum durability. The inner diameter of the tube has a polished finish for reduced drag and a smooth operation. The outside of…

Tusk Flywheel/Pulley Holder


The Tusk Flywheel/Pulley Holder is desined to hold a 60mm-120mm flywheel to make the removal and installation of your flywheel simple and easy. Two adjustment holes in the belt make it easy to adjust to different sizes. *Easily adjustable to fit a 60mm-120mm (2 3/8"-4 3/4") flywheels. *Tough plastic…

Tusk T-Handle Rack


The Tusk T-Handle Rack is designed to hang on the side of most tool boxes to make your t-handle tools more accessible. Made from strong aluminum to minimize weight and resist corrosion. This tool is a must for every mechanic. *T-Handle rack holds up to 11 T-handle tools for easy and quick access.…

Tusk Crankcase Splitter


…halves. It used to be that splitting the case was only possible with expensive tools. The Tusk crankcase splitter / separator has changed everything with a quality, affordable case-splitting tool. *The Tusk crankcase splitter is a must for disassembling vertically split 2- and 4-stroke crankcases.…

Tusk Impact Driver


The Tusk Impact Driver makes loosening frozen screws and bolts an easy task. This tool is reversible so it works to tighten screws and bolts on impact also. Makes the worry of stripping screw heads go away. The Tusk Impact Driver is very durable and heavy duty. It comes complete with four bits: a…

Tusk D-Flex Pro Handguards


…ATV, and UTV think Tusk. *The Tusk D-Flex Pro Handguards feature replaceable aluminum bars and plastic shields. *Designed with a large bend that provides exceptional room for hands and levers. *Standard mounting is for 1 1/8" or 7/8" bars. *Package includes: 1-pair of Tusk Aluminum Handguards…

Tusk Bearing Remover Collet

$15.99 - $19.99

*Must be used in conjunction with a Tusk slide hammer 1289850001. *Large collet - perfect for removing large bearings including most ATV axle bearings. *Made from durable hardened steel. *Available in 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, and 45mm sizes.

Tusk LED Indicator Lights


The Tusk LED Indicator Light is a great, inexpensive LED light. It is perfect for use in UTV’s as a turn signal indicator, but its universal capabilities make its options endless for whatever you may need it for. With its bolt-like design, mounting is simple. This 12 volt LED features a green LED…

Tusk Shock Spring Compressor


The Tusk Shock Spring Compressor makes motorcycle shock coil spring removal and installation a simple task. Spring coil hooks and bolt are made from hardened chromoly steel while the outer body is made from stainless steel. The bolt head accepts a 17mm wrench or a 3/8” ratchet to make the…

Tusk Spark Plug Socket

$9.99 - $10.99

*Unique thin walled design allows it to fit into tight spaces. The Tusk Spark Plug Socket 14mm is specifically designed for late model KTM, Honda, and Husquvarna motorcycles with 14mm hex sparkplugs. The unique thin walled design allows it to fit into the tight confines of the bike’s head and valve…

Tusk Tire Spoon


The Tusk tire spoon is a great tire iron for the shop or the trail. Its small compact design doesn’t take up much space in the tool box or trail pack, yet it is long enough to make tire changes a simple task. The tire iron is 10.5” long with a rubber coated, curved end to better fit your palm. The…

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Tusk Racing Axle Block

$18.99 - $29.99

The Tusk Racing Axle Blocks are precision CNC machine from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum for a perfect fit to replace your stock axle blocks. With an anodized finish to resist corrosion and to give your machine that factory look. Add a little extra style and functionality to your motorcycle, ATV, or…

Tusk Spark Plug Holder


The Tusk Spark Plug Holder is a must have for all trail packs or tool boxes. The spark plug holder accommodates all types and sizes of 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle, ATV, and UTV style spark plugs. Designed with a tapered top and 3/8” wall, it cradles the spark plug and protects it against any…

Tusk Spoke Sleeves


Change the look of your motorcycle by adding colored Tusk Spoke Sleeves to your wheels. Constructed of a polyurethane plastic with a smooth slit for easy installation. Each sleeve wraps around the entire spoke to also protect against most impacts. The sleeves are sold in a kit for a front and rear…

Tusk Fuel Line


…flexible and resists hardening, which makes it easy to install and remove on motorcycle and ATV petcocks and carburetors. Like all Tusk parts and accessories, the Tusk Top-Grade Rubber Fuel Line has a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects. *High quality rubber fuel line with two choices in…

Tusk Aluminum Handguards


*Tusk Aluminum Handguards feature a large bend that provides exceptional brake and clutch lever clearance. *For Dirt Bikes only. *Sold in a pair. *Tusk Handguards are designed to fit a 7/8" bar, if you need to adapt them to a big bar please use the following adaptors. Pro-Taper/Tag/Renthal Fat Bar…

Tusk Enduro Handguard


The Tusk Enduro Handguard is a durable plastic handguard with a universal handlebar mounting system to work on most motorcycles and ATV’s. Made from High-impact resistant plastic, these hand guards protect against roost from other riders. Uniquely shaped mounts are designed to fit on any handlebar…