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Windzone EE-1HD Essenti-Economy Kit


*Essenti-Economy Kit is value priced, but jam-packed with enough tools to be called an "Essential Tool Kit". *Armed with 2 spark plug sockets, a 6-in-1 ratcheting screwdriver, all Harley-Davidson® hex, torx and wrench sizes, locking pliers, air pressure gauge and more. *This kit will handle over 90%…

Windzone Tool Kit


…spark plug sockets, ratchet, flashlight, Essenti-Tool, etc. *Drop forged, chrome-plated tools. *Heavy-duty nylon tool wrap and vinyl "moisture-sheath" keep the "essentials" together and compact for traveling. *Kit includes: 1/2" & 9/16" open ended wrench; 3/8" & 7/16" open ended wrench; 5/8" & 3/4"…

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BestRest Products Tire Changing Mat


…*Velcro closure strap 24" long keeps the folded TCM neatly bundled. *Storage pouch 7 x 12" holds a BeadBrakR and other tire tools. *Storage pouch has Velcro closure to keep tools secure. *Water-resistant Cordura material - washable and durable. *Red with black trim and black Velcro closures.

Windzone Great Escape Tool Kit


…Escape tool kit is the only motorcycle tool kit in the world small enough to wear on your belt, yet it is big enough to repair 95% of all roadside mechanical emergencies. *Two specially-designed multi-tools, metric and SAE hex bits, as well as Torx and numerous slotted and phillips screw bits. *Kit

Tusk Mini Carb Tool Kit


The Tusk Mini Carburetor Tool Kit is a must have for any trail pack or tool box. The tool kit includes a 6mm socket, 45mm long flat blade screwdriver, 30mm long flat blade screwdriver, and a 3mm Allen wrench to fit your main jet, pilot jet, air screw, fuel screw, cover screws, etc. The machined…

Motion Pro Carb Tool Kit


…work with most other Kehin and Mikuni carburetors. *Contains longer bits for reaching into recessed cavities to adjust carburetors. *Includes a 6mm socket, 45mm long flat screwdriver, 20mm long flat screwdriver, and a 4mm Hex Allen. *Ideal for trail riders. Kit is small enough to fit in any pack.

Tusk 3-Way Mini T-Handle Wrench Tool Kit


*Three-way T-Handle wrench with removable sockets. *1/4" drive works with any standard 1/4" drive sockets. *Perfect size for fanny packs. *Comes with 6, 8, 10, 12, 13mm sockets and #2 Philips.

Helix Racing Products Carburetor Jet Cleaning Tool Kit


*Priceless item to clean carb jets and small holes. *Compact enough to keep in your toolbox. *Ten pin sizes to clean most common jet sizes.

Twisted Throttle Tool Tube


…as well as any other gear that can fit inside of it. *It has an internal diameter of 3.12" and an internal height of 11.5". *Mounting Kit Notes: The mounting kit includes the proper size Drill Bit, Hex Head Screws, Sealing Washers, Large Exterior Washers and detailed Installation Instructions.

Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool


…chain up to 630 (Fits all standard & O-ring chain sizes 520 to 630). *Designed to rivet chain up to 530 (not 630). *Masterlink side plate press kit included to press on side plates on chains up to 530 (not 630). *Screws & attachments are heat treated for strength and durability *When bolted to…

Tusk Swing Arm Bearing Tool


*Tool pulls bearing into the swingarm straight and accurately. *Includes 3 bearing drivers machined with 2 sizes (one on each side) to fit most off-road motorcycles. *Bearing drivers included in the following sizes: 1) I.D. 20mm / O.D 26mm, 2) I.D. 21mm / O.D. 26mm and 3) I.D. 22mm / O.D.27mm. *Kit

Motion Pro Deluxe Suspension Bearing Service Tool


…for use on 20 and 22 mm id bearings *Fits most off-road motorcycles and ATVs *Includes blind bearing collet for removal of 20mm blind bearings *Kit includes Blind Bearing Puller Adapter, which can also be used as an accessory with the Motion Pro Blind Bearing Remover Set *Anodized aluminum mandrels…

Motion Pro Swing Arm Bearing Tool


*Designed for installation of the swing arm bearings on late-model Japanese motorcycles. *Puller draws bearing into the swing arm. *Includes three drivers for use with common bearing sizes. *Kits includes driver sizes I.D. 20mm / O.D 26mm, I.D. 21mm / O.D. 26mm and I.D. 22mm / O.D.27mm.

Tusk Thread Repair Kit

$11.99 - $16.99

…threads. Kit includes step by step instructions for tool use and easy installation. Kit includes drill bit, coil installation tool, tap, and 5 coils. *Easy way to fix and replace damaged threads. *Includes step by step instructions. *Kit includes drill bit, tap, coil installation tool, and 5 coils.…

Slime Tire Plug Kit


*Slime Tire Plug Kit includes t-handle tire reamer, t-handle tire plug tool, 5-plugs and .41 oz. of glue. *Designed for car and truck tires.

Slime Tire Tackle Kit


*Tire tackle keeps all those repair tools and small accessories together in one place where you can find them. *This 14 piece kit includes: *Keychain pencil gauge. *4-way tool. *(4)-valve cores. *(4)-plastic valve caps. *(4)-chrome valve caps.

Mityvac Brake Bleeder Kit


The Mityvac Brake Bleeder kit comes with the original Selectline hand vacuum pump and all accessories necessary to perform one-person brake bleeding on automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc. Also works great for siphoning or transferring fluids from tanks and reservoirs. *Includes:…

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Polaris Grease Gun Kit

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*Tough steel construction and pistol grip design. *Front and top-pipe outlet mounts accept both 6" rigid pipe nozzle and 12" 12,000 psi flex hose. *Comes with standard zerk fitting. *Accepts all 3 oz. refill cartridges.

Tusk Safety Wire Kit


*Kit includes a pair of safety wire pliers and a spool of wire. *A professional way to install safety wire. *Twists safety wire quickly and evenly with a pull of the handle. *215mm length pliers include wire cutters. *Spool of stainless steel safety wire perfect for grips or anything else that needs…

Tusk 3-Piece Gasket Scraper Kit


The Tusk Gasket Scraper Kit is a great tool to help remove stubborn gaskets. The kit includes 3 sizes: 10mm, 15mm, and 23mm wide blades. Each scraper is equipped with a comfortable handle for easy grip. The sharp blades allow some flex to make them ideal for removing old gaskets and silicone from…

Tusk 2-Piece Gasket Scraper Kit


The Tusk Gasket Scraper Kit is a great tool to help remove stubborn gaskets. The kit includes 2 sizes: 10mm and 15mm wide blades. Each scraper is equipped with a comfortable handle for easy grip. The sharp blades allow some flex to make them ideal for removing old gaskets and silicone from engine…

Motion Pro Metric Hardware Kit 52 Piece Kit


…8.8 for outstanding wear and durability *Durable zinc plated finish for ultimate corrosion protection *Perfect size to carry in your tool box or saddle bag *Kit contains the following items: 4x Flange Bolt M6x1.0x20 8x Flange Bolt M6x1.0x16 4x Flange Bolt M6x1.0x12 4x Flange Bolt M6x1.0x25 4x Flange…

Slime Deluxe Tire Plug Kit


*Kit includes pistol grip handle reamer and plug tool, plugs and glue. *Designed for all radial and steel belted tires. Kit includes the following: *1 Pistol grip reamer *1 Pistol grip plug installer *Rubber cement (.41 oz.) *3 string plugs (7ply) *5 string plugs (5ply)

Motion Pro Quad-Stake Rivet Kit


*Will work on Renthal R3-2 and Iris chains. *This accessory for the Jumbo Chain Tool will safely and properly peen soft-nose-type master link pin tip. *Specifically designed for use in the Jumbo Chain Tool only. *Retain that factory quad stake look.

Tusk Spoke Torque Wrench Kit

$84.99 - $94.99

…popular spoke nipples. *Wrench kit comes with torque wrench, case, and heads (6.1mm, 6.3mm, 6.6mm, 6.8mm, 6.9mm). *Kit includes two additional needed replacement heads for your specific model. *Includes 6.0mm & 6.5mm Spoke Torque Wrench Replacement Heads. *Kit includes two additional needed…

Slime Screwdriver Tire Plug Kit


The Slime Tire Plug kit includes everything you need to plug up those nasty punctures. Just insert the reamer into the offending hole a couple times to roughen it up. Then, thread some of the included plugging material through the eye of the needle, coating it with the rubber cement. Jam the needle…

Hot Cams Camshaft Installation Kit


*Includes degree wheel, dial indicator with long, and short reach studs, adjustable magnetic stand, three positive stops (10mm,12mm,14mm threads). *Only one kit required to do both intake and exhaust. *Wooden carrying case included.

Fasst Spoke Torque Wrench Kit


…your spokes. Attach the proper size wrench head, turn until you feel the click and you're done. *Wrench kit comes with Wrench, Box, and heads *Wrench comes preset at 48 inch pounds. *The kit will allow you to do virtually any bike you come across. *Sizes include 4.0, 5.0, 5.6, 6.0, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4,…

DRC Fork Seal Driver Kit


*Specially designed fork seal driving tools for front forks. *Comes with 5 different size plastic adapters (40/41, 42/43, 45/46, 47/48, 49/50). *Can be used for most conventional and up side down front forks. *Flange shape design of steel body for less power and accurate operation.

Magura Hydraulic Clutch Bleed Kit


*Designed to work in the Magura hydraulic clutches. *Comes with 4 oz. of mineral oil and the bleeder kit.

Bike Master 3-Piece Scraper Kit


*Thick blade with a sharp tip and solid handle. *Makes the job go fast, but without damaging vulnerable gasket surfaces. *Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Slime 56 Patches Box Kit


Glue, Scuffers + 56 Patches; various sizes, for all rubber repairs. Includes: - (2) Scuffers 30x50mm - (2) .41 FL oz. rubber cement - (2) Rounded rectangle patch 60x115mm - (2) Round patch 75mm - (2) Round patch 65mm - (15) Round patch 32mm - (15) Square patch 25x25mm - (15) Rectangular patch…

KTM Bolt and Fastener Kit


*All the important hardware for your KTM is included in this one kit. *Great for the trailer or home shop and less expensive than buying each piece individually.

Tusk Cotter Pin Kit 20 Piece


…pins in your Tusk bolt kit or for having some extra cotter pins in your tool box. *This 20 piece cotter pin kit contains an assortment of cotter pins to replace those highly used cotter pins in your Tusk bolt kit or for having some extra cotter pins in your tool box. *Kit contains the following…

Tusk Metric MC/ATV Washer Kit 40 Piece


…motorcycle/ATV bolt kit or for having some extra washers in your tool box. *This 40 Piece washer kit contains an assortment of washers to replace those highly used washers in your Tusk metric motorcycle/ATV bolt kit or for having some extra washers in your tool box. *Kit contains the following…

Tusk European MC/ATV Washer Kit 40 Piece


…in your Tusk European bolt kit or for having some extra washers in your tool box. *This 40 Piece washer kit contains an assortment of washers to replace those highly used washers in your Tusk European bolt kit or for having some extra washers in your tool box. *Kit contains the following washers:…

Tusk MC/ATV Nut Kit 36 Piece


…nut kit is perfect for replacing those highly used nuts in your Tusk bolt kits or for having some extra nuts in your tool box. *This 36 Piece nut kit contains an assortment of nuts to replace those highly used nuts in your Tusk bolt kit or for having some extra nuts in your tool box. *Kit contains…

BestRest Products BestHex Axle Nut Wrench Kit


…Wrench Kit. A small compact kit that fits easily in your pack or luggage. *BestHex kit contains a 17mm socket, a 19mm socket, and a 19mm hex bar (all these bits used for the front axle), and one 24mm socket for the rear axle. *Just slip the BestRest tire iron into the slots of the hex tool and…

Fix-A-Thred Metric Thread Individual Repair Kit

$29.95 - $69.95

…than original threads. *Kit includes easy step by step instructions. *Inserts and taps are interchangeable with all other Helical thread insert systems. *Inserts are made from 18-8 stainless steel. *Individual kit includes: (1)10 Pack of Inserts, (1)Thread Tap Tool, and (1)Thread Insert Tool.

Motion Pro 54 Piece Euro Bolt Kit


…8.8 for outstanding wear and durability. *Durable zinc plated finish for ultimate corrosion protection. *Perfect size to carry in your tool box or saddle bag. Kit contains the following items: - 4- M6x20 Euro Style Shroud Screw - 4- M6x12 Euro Style Fork Guard Bolt - 4- M6x12 Euro Style Torx Hex…

Tusk Bearing Race and Seal Driver Kit


…and is also made up of billet aluminum. The kit contains 6 driver sizes and will accommodate both tapered and flat type bearings. When in need for the proper tools to get the job done on your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV, think Tusk! *Bearing and seal driver kit used to drive seals and bearings on your…

Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale Street Kit


The Slacker Street Kit is an accessory kit that allows Slacker to be used on most sport/street bikes with a single sided exhaust system. It provides the necessary attachments to hook the Slacker cable to the forks and molded rear body of the bike. Now you can get your street bike dialed in with no…

Tusk 180 Piece Metric Motorcycle Bolt Kit


…organizer so you won’t have to hunt for the piece that you need. *The perfect companion for any tool box. *High quality 8.8 and 12.9 grade bolts are quenched and tempered to ensure durability. *Kit Includes: (6) Sprocket Bolts, (6) Sprocket Lock Nuts, (12) Cotter Pins, (22) M8 10mm Hex Head Flange…

Motion Pro Tri Drive Mini T-Handle Kit


…installation/removal of fasteners *1/4 in. drive has a compact 6 inch drive shaft length *Compact size for use in tight spaces and is easy to carry *Includes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13mm sockets *Chrome-vanadium tool steel shaft and T-Handle *Durable nickel pewter finish *Lifetime replacement warranty

Dynaplug Pro Xtreme Aluminum Tire Plug Kit


…or solvents. Just plug the tire and you’re ready to go. *Tool Body Construction: Billet 6061 Aluminum. *Insertion Tube: Hardened 305 Stainless Steel. *Viscoelastic Impregnated Rubber. *5.42” x 1.75”. *Includes: 1 – Dynaplug® Pro Xtreme Tool 8 – Tire repair plugs 3 – Insertion tubes 1 – Air stopper…

Bolt Japanese Sportbike Pro-Pack 270 Piece Kit


…this kit is over 270 pieces of premium factory style metric hardware including socket head bolts, button head bolts, flange bolts, nylon removable rivets, Fuji-lock nuts, fairing bolts with nylon washers, windscreen fasteners and more. *This kit has been designed as a universal kit. *It will…

Bolt Japanese Off-Road Metric Bolt Kit


*The Off-Road Metric Bolt Kit is derived from BOLT's original Japanese Pro-Pack. *If you work on multiple brands, this is the perfect kit with sizes riders use. *BOLT's hardware is the same size, style and finish you find on Japanese dirt bikes. *This kit includes an assortment of M5, M6 & M8 hex…

Bolt Hub-Savers Double Locked Sprocket Fastening Kit


*This kit includes six class 10.9 zinc plated steel sprocket bolts with factory style class 10.9 Fuji metal-locking nuts and washers. *Each sprocket bolt has medium strength thread lock patches pre-applied, which liquefies and anaerobically seals when the bolt is tightened for a double-lock. *BOLT's…

Tusk Crush Washer Kit 50 Piece


The Tusk Crush Washer Kit is a great addition to any garage or toolbox. Most manufacturers recommend replacing sealing crush washers at each oil or coolant change. The Tusk kit contains five of the most common sizes for motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs: M6, M8, M10, M12 crush washers, and M10 washers for…

Tusk 170 Piece European Motorcycle Bolt Kit


*This 170 piece kit contains the perfect assortment of metric bolts, nuts, cotter pins, and washers with factory size and look for late model motocross and off-road KTM and Husaberg motorcycles. *Comes in a divided organizer so you won’t have to hunt for the piece that you need. *The perfect…

Bolt Euro Style Pro-Pack 180 Piece Kit


…style hardware in exact factory size and finish. *You will only find these fasteners in two places: Factory KTM and Bolt Motorcycle Hardware. *This kit features M6 & M8 hex flange bolts with torx sockets from 12mm long to 55mm long, front and rear rotor bolts, billet aluminum bushings for body work…

Supersprox Sprocket Bolt and Nut Kit


*Made from grade 12.9 steel, chromed surface gives a cool anticorrosion sparkle. *Uses M8 socket head wrench for easy installation and removal. *Comes with blue Loctite and a Nyloc nuts for double security against loosening. *Tapered head fits most CRs, KXs, RMs, YZs, KTMs, and Husqvarnas.

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