Tusk Steering Stem Spanner Wrench


*Used to loosen or tighten the lower slotted steering stem nut. *Eliminates having to use a hammer and screwdriver. *Fits most bikes with 35-45mm slotted steering stem nuts.

Motion Pro Clutch Hub Spanner


*Made of heat-treated steel. *Use with a 3/8 inch driver. *Inside diameter is 24mm. *Designed to fit oil filter & clutch hub nut on many Honda models (single and twin-cylinder machines).

Motion Pro Fork Cap Wrench

$16.19 - $21.59

…with anodized finish with laser engraving. *This tool allows removal of the accessory fork cap. Fits WP 48mm forks that require a special pin spanner wrench. *49 mm, 8 point box wrench for removing the fork cap (cartridge) on dual chamber closed cartridge forks on late-model Yamaha's & Honda's.…

Drag Specialties Shock Spanner Wrench


*Heavy-duty steel shock wrench enables easy adjustment of spring compression on rear shocks. *Zinc-plated.

Bike Master Shock Spanner Wrench


*For most easily accessible shock collars or steering head nuts.

Motion Pro Pin Spanner Wrench


*Unique curved billet aluminum arms provide clearance and ease of use. *Stainless steel shoulder bolt pivot. *Replaceable hardened tool steel pins. *Includes 4 mm and 3 mm pins. *Low profile pins provide added clearance on fork caps. *Durable blue anodized finish with laser engraved markings.…

Motion Pro Shock Spanner Punch


*Ideal tool for turning hard to reach lock ring and preload ring on rear shocks. *Angled brass tip gives secure bite and protects ring from damage. *Heavy duty construction. *Long shaft to reach hard to get at shocks.

Enduro Engineering Billet Shock Spanner Wrench

$19.99 - $22.99

*At last a spanner wrench that makes adjusting your KTM/PDS shock a breeze. *Designed to loosen or tighten the shock adjusting collar without having to get out that damaging punch.

Tusk Pin-Spanner Fork Cap Wrench


This Tusk motorcycle fork cap wrench is made to fit the WP 48mm forks that require a special pin spanner to remove the cap. Made from hardened steel and finished with a zinc coating, this tool is made to last. This special fork cap tool features a 3/8” socket drive and 22mm hex top for easy ratchet…

Tusk Clutch Holding Tool


*Used to hold the inner clutch hub, which is necessary for removal and installation of the clutch hub and clutch basket. *8mm spanner pins on the back can also be used to hold flywheels, sprockets, gears, etc. *Adjustable jaws open up to 5 inches wide and are recommended for square tooth style…

Motion Pro Clutch Holding Tool


*Made from medium carbon steel with hardened jaws. *Holds clutch hubs, flywheels, gears, sprockets, etc. *Features 8mm spanner pins. *Jaws open up to 5 inches wide. *Recommended for square tooth style clutch hubs. *Not recommended for v-groove or half round style clutch hubs.

Rally Raid Products Replacement Sub Frame Tank Mounting Bolts


…cap screw from inside with Rally Raids own design and race-tested stainless steel bolt from the outside. *Retains the M6 tapped hole on outside to attach the OEM side panel. *Stronger and simpler than original. Uses standard rear-wheel hexagon nut spanner size, 27mm. *Sold as a pair (2 per pack).