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Saddlemen Renegade Solo Seat


Renegade solo touring seats are low, wide and comfortable, with carefully designed contours and a fantastic looking frame-hugging profile. *Made with Saddlemen's famous combination of progressive density foam and SaddleGel™ in the driver's position, easing tailbone pressure and improving circulation…

Mustang Wide Touring Studded Seat with Driver's Backrest

$656.99 - $692.99

Mustang’s two-piece touring seats are available with a deep front bucket which measures a full 17” wide. The passenger seat extends forward to provide ample back support for the driver. The rear seat is 12.5” wide and features Mustang’s unique internal steel support wings to keep the entire width of…

Airhawk 2 Seat Cushion

$109.95 - $117.95

…inflatable, multiple-cell design for the ultimate in comfortable seating and vibration absorption. *Made from polyurethane and features a breathable, stretchable outer cover and a nonskid urethane base to protect your seat. *Features open-mesh side panel to allow air circulation through individual…

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Mustang Lowdown Studded Seat with Driver Backrest


*Decorated with studs - Black or Chrome. *Sits driver .5"-1.5" lower than stock on most models, plus nose of seat is 1.5" narrower than stock. *16.5" W front bucket seat, 14" W rear seat. *Seat will fit with a handrail. *Contoured backrest pad pivots to match back angle. *Backrest post is notched…

Sargent World Sport Performance Motorcycle Seat

$309.95 - $719.95

…in high-performance, distinctive seating and upholstery products. These World Sport Performance Seats are made with a Polytec seat pan, Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension, and dazzling, color-coordinated upholstery. *State-of-the-art replacement seats. *Seats are built on a precision-molded,…

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Mustang Tripper Fastback Seat


*Get better comfort. *The 10" wide driver seat is cut low for the rider with good back support. *The seat is tapered in back but still offers a reasonable degree of passenger comfort. *Made in the U.S.A.

Mustang Touring Seat


*Sits rider 1" back and 1" lower than stock. *Nose is narrower than stock for sure footing on the ground. *Bucket shaped passenger seat to prevent sliding forward. *Made in the U.S.A.

Cobra Square Detachable Backrest Kit

$297.46 - $305.98

*Quick disconnect allows provides and comfortable back support, while still being easily removable when not in use. *Does not require turn signal relocation kit. *Includes all mounting hardware *Pad dimensions: -Height: 4.75 inches. -Width: 6 inches. *Made in USA.

Saddlemen Explorer RS Motorcycle Seat


…value of the motorcycle it’s fitted to. Inspired by the renowned Road Sofa™ touring seats, Saddlemen has brought a high level of comfort and rich appearance to the Explorer line of cruiser-based touring seats. Don’t think the Explorer RS as just another pretty face. Look past its luxurious…

SDG Seat

$100.99 - $138.99

…off-road racers, SDG seats represent more than just a seat - they represent a quality upgrade. Every seat features quality foam and a durable cover. *SDG complete replacement seats come pre-manufactured and ready to install *Complete seats come with base, foam, gripper seat cover and mounting…

Saddlemen Adventure Tour Solo Seat Low Profile


…relief needed for long saddle time. Seat sets and one-piece seats include integrated luggage mounting points or strap kits to attach the perfectly matched Saddlemen Adventure PACK luggage or other cargo to the pillion portion of the seat. *Hybrid seat design combines SaddleGel interior, progressive…

REV'IT! Alpha Pants


…with PWR | shield at seat and knees, safety stitching at inseam. *Visibility: 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflection at turn up. *Regular fit. *Features: zipper fly front closure, comfort seat, triple needle stitching at side seams and back, safety stitching at inseam and comfort seat, extra comfort by…

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Saddlemen Explorer Motorcycle Seat


…position for long hours in the saddle, so you can arrive at your destination refreshed and ready. The innovator of SaddleGel™ for motorcycle seats, bringing over a gel technology widely used in medical applications. Now widely copied, but not duplicated, SaddleGel™ provides undisputable comfort.…

Mustang Solo Motorcycle Seat Studded

$242.99 - $314.99

*Built on a steel base with support wings to hold up the full width of the foam bucket. *Studded style leather. *Top covering of highest quality expanded vinyl. *Made in the USA.

Mustang Wide Touring Studded Motorcycle Seat

$476.99 - $503.99

…passenger seat angles forward to support the rider’s back. *Premium-quality expanded vinyl cover. *Built-in steel support wings in the passenger seat. *One-piece or two-piece designs. *Studded style features studded skirt with conchos and a braid that extends below the edge of the seat. ***Fits with…

Saddlemen Gel Channel Track Seat

$284.00 - $437.00

…of the standard TRACK seat with a high-tech, carbon fiber-look cover, center channel strip and rear seat cover. *Plated steel brackets are part of the plastic or fiberglass seat pan foundation specially engineered so your Saddlemen seat matches or exceeds the original seat’s fit. *Designed and built…

Mustang Spring Solo Motorcycle Seat


*Mustang's Spring Solo for the Yamaha Bolt gives you an old-school look and 21st-century quality. *Installs on a solid steel frame cover. *The solo has a high-quality vinyl cover, marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, and a controlled density molded Mustang foam for maximum support. *Solo Spring Kit…

Mustang Touring Seat with Driver Backrest 1-Piece


*Get better comfort. *The 12.5” wide driver seat is set back compared to stock seat. *Fully adjustable driver backrest. *9" wide passenger seat gives your passenger a comfortable ride.

Klock Werks Seat Pan Kit

$274.95 - $324.95

The Outrider seat pan kit comes with a smaller, sportier, black leather seat, and the Klassic comes with a more traditional, larger, brown seat. Kits include everything needed to convert, including the seat! *Metal pan and all brackets are black powder coated. *Easy to install.

Mustang Touring Vintage Motorcycle Seats


*This is more than just a replacement seat, they are upgrades to make your riding experience even better. *The 12.5” wide driver seat sets the rider back and slightly up to better position your legs for comfortable cruising. *The 9” wide passenger seat ensures that your passenger will ride in…

Seat Concepts Complete Seat

$279.99 - $294.99

…and back seat into a one-piece seat design. *This seat is 10mm taller than stock seat. *This seat is 3/4" (20 mm) taller than OEM. *For model years 2012+ this seat is 1" taller than stock, for model years 2008-2011 this seat is 1 7/16" taller than stock. *Seat Concepts raised the seating area 1…

Seat Concepts Race 2.0 Seat Cover


Seat Concepts ribs incorporate foam inserts to improve traction under acceleration and braking. The Seat Concepts Race 2.0 covers are similar to the Super Grip covers with a few additional ribs and it does not have the rubber grip patches on the sides. *Ribbed seat cover for added grip.

Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit

$174.99 - $184.99

…will help keep the seat from being an item to stop you from going on that ride or enjoying the bike. *This is the LOW seat. 1" lower than standard. *This is the LOW seat. 1" lower than standard. *This seat is wider at the seating area and narrow like stock at the front. The seating area was cut down…

Mustang Solo Seat Smooth, Wide Rear Seat


*Rear seat features internal steel support wings for long distance passenger comfort. Extends forward for additional rider back support. *Top covering of highest quality expanded vinyl. *13.5" Wide. *Made in the U.S.A.

Mustang Solo Seat Vintage, Rear Motorcycle Seat


*Built on a steel base, padded for passenger comfort and ample driver back support. *Vintage style offers a clean look. *Top covering of highest quality expanded vinyl. *8" Wide. *Made in the U.S.A. *Mustang solos and rear seats will not fit with Harley® solos or rears.

KTM Factory Seat Cover

$59.99 - $72.99

*Don’t just leave this cover to the pros - the KTM Factory Seat Cover is a great addition to your bike to keep your seat looking great ride after ride. *Try the KTM Factory Seat Cover for yourself now! *For standard height seats only. *Stitched Ribs limit movement backwards and offers unrestrictive…

Motoseat Seat Foam


*Replacement seat foam. *Excellent fitment. *Long lasting. *Made in U.S.A.

Husqvarna Low Complete Seat

$69.99 - $124.99

*Complete replacement low seat with seat cover. *Approximately 15mm lower than stock. *Provides shorter riders with optimum control of the bike in difficult terrain.

KTM Passenger Seat Cover


Racing look in a matter of seconds; no tools required.

Honda Low Seat

$149.95 - $159.95

*Color coordinated. *Low seat allows better foot contact for smaller riders. *30mm (1.18”) lower than standard seat.

Suzuki Low Gel Seat

$148.99 - $157.99

*Built on a Genuine Suzuki seat base for a perfect fit, 1" lower, reshaped seat features shockabsorbing gel inside foam padding with a special hi-traction cover. *Reduced seat height and arounded contour make reaching the ground easier for tip-toe situations.

Enduro Engineering Low Seat


…couch. Let the Enduro Engineering Seat take your comfort to the next level and help you get as much riding time as possible. Specs: *Redesigned seat shape features a wider top surface and larger radius edges *Low version is 1/2" lower than stock seat height (seats are available in standard height…

Enduro Engineering Seat


*Redesigned seat shape features a wider top surface and larger radius edges *Retains standard/stock seat height (seats are available in standard height and tall versions) *Available in soft and standard firmness *Made in the USA *Provides all-day riding comfort *Some of the best support on the…

Saddlemen Lariat Solo Seat


…leather covers – no two seats are the same. *Each seat will break-in to be supple with a distinctive appearance, further enhancing the unique appeal of the free-range leather. *The seat pans are engineered from Saddlemen’s award-winning Heel’s Down Renegade solo seat family so the fit is perfect.…

Z1R Predator Seat

$278.95 - $281.95

…molded flexible urethane foam interior for maximum comfort and styling. *3 /16" ABS thermoformed seat base for a perfect fit, and fully carpeted bottom with rubber bumpers to protect paint. *Lower rider and improve seating position. *Include mounting bracket. *Made in the U.S.A. *Flame Stitching.

Yamaha Solo Seat


The Solo Seat replaces original stock seat and provides a distinctive, classic look and feel without sacrificing comfort. Creates a vintage vibe that complements the similar styling of the XSR700. Style and comfort for the solo rider. *High-quality stock fit and finish. *Synthetic suede cover gives…

Biltwell HB Motorcycle Seat

$149.95 - $229.95

…three patterns: smooth, diamond or horizontal tuck ‘n roll. *Mounts to motorcycle with laser-cut steel brackets on nose and tail. *Uncovered seat also available to allow riders to customize to their own liking. *Seats are a direct bolt-on for 04-06 and 10-14 models with stock frame and rear fender.

Neutron Gripper Seat Cover

$9.99 - $24.99

…Neutron Gripper Seat Cover easy to install. Neutron motorcycle and ATV seat covers offer the perfect amount of grip in any condition. *Stock seat cover replacement. *Neutron seat covers are made with a rugged, stretchy material and feature locater pockets on the front and rear of the seat cover for…

KTM Ergo Rider Seat

$119.99 - $199.99

…advanced components: *The 3D structural mesh special foam with Built-in tunnel form ensures even pressure distribution and thus increases seating comfort. *The optimized shape provides more freedom for the legs and better contact with the motorcycle. *+20 mm seat height. *Easy assembly.

SDG High Foam Seat

$98.99 - $122.99

The SDG high foam complete seat has two major benefits over a standard seat. First, it has more cushion, allowing the seat to be softer. This is a desirable attribute of any off-road seat. Second, the seat's higher foam means that it a great dirt bike seat for taller riders. SDG has developed…

Saddlemen Adventure Tour Seat

$405.00 - $572.00

…relief needed for long saddle time. Seat sets and one-piece seats include integrated luggage mounting points or strap kits to attach the perfectly matched Saddlemen Adventure PACK luggage or other cargo to the pillion portion of the seat. *Hybrid seat design combines SaddleGel interior, progressive…

Biltwell Banana Motorcycle Seat

$119.95 - $174.95

…available in two patterns: diamond or horizontal tuck ‘n roll. *Mounts to motorcycle with laser-cut steel brackets on nose and tail. *Uncovered seat also available to allow riders to customize to their own liking. *Rear bracket requires drilling one hole into the rear fender for final installation.

Saddlemen Stealth Motorcycle Seat


…In many cases the seats on these versatile motorcycles don’t live up to the other performance aspects of the class. In response to this need, Saddlemen’s STEALTH™ sport touring seats were launched. The STEALTH™ family of seats offer comfortable, sporty, long-distance seating, with slightly lowered…

KTM Ergo Passenger Seat

$74.99 - $99.99

Visually a perfect match for the rider’s Ergo seat.

Kuryakyn Motorcycle Seat Release


*Smooth chrome cap dresses up the seat-mounting tang and a knurled chrome knob holds everything in place. *No tools required. *Fits Harley-Davidson® models through 1999.

KTM Complete Seat

$109.99 - $129.99

*KTM Complete Seat. *Particularly elastic foam for extra comfort. *Standard height. *For the somewhat taller racers. *Approx. 35 mm higher than the standard seat. *Better ergos for taller riders. *For the somewhat taller racers. *Approx. 20 mm higher than the standard seat. *Better ergos for taller…

Yamaha Passenger Seat Kit

$165.99 - $169.99

This convenient kit allows you to quickly convert your Bolt to a two-up ride. *Kit includes passenger seat, foot pegs, and all necessary mounting hardware. *Designed to match OE components for a fully integrated, genuine OE look.

Moose Racing Adventure Seat


…gel allows for longer time in the saddle. *Side gripper panels keep you aboard during aggressive maneuvering. *Smooth marine-grade vinyl with debossed Moose Racing logo. *Comes with strap kit that enables you to confidently secure cargo to the pillion section of your seat. *Made in the U.S.A.

Saddlemen Tattoo Profiler Seat


…low-profile, slammed seat for two with custom Tattoo flame and 3-D effect stitch pattern. The Profiler incorporates Integrated Design Philosophy (IDP™), which takes styling cues from each motorcycle and incorporates them into the contours and patterns of each seat. What you get is a seat that looks…

Mustang Daytripper Motorcycle Seat

$314.99 - $332.99

*Detailed stitch work makes the Daytripper a real show winner. *Never before has such a low and lean seat been available that feels this good for both the rider and passenger. *Made in the U.S.A.

Cycle Works Seat Cover


*Made from the finest UV resistant heavy-duty marine grade vinyl and are double stitched for durability. *Perfect for racing or on the trail.

Saddlemen Profiler Seat


Saddlemen’s classic slammed seat for two features narrow styling, a thin profile and low riding height. Specially designed base allows the seat to drop down into the bike for the lowest riding position possible. Surprisingly comfortable, the Profiler was developed using Saddlemen's famous…