Scooter Tires

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Continental Zippy 1 Front/Rear Scooter Tire

$40.88 - $63.88

*Modern compound and construction methods deliver up-to-date performance. *Can be used as front or rear. *Tubeless.

Metzeler Feelfree Rear Scooter Tire


Ultimate sport-touring tire for high performance scooters, these tires have optimized wet performance, thanks to a high contact area and a dedicated contour to provide high-speed stability, outstanding cornering behavior and excellent handling. Excellent riding comfort, long mileage, even wear…

Avon Viper Stryke AM63 Front/Rear Scooter Tire

$35.86 - $36.86

*Engineered for today's scooters capable of speeds up to 100mph and typically used to commute long distances. *Provides a high level of performance and sure-footed handling. *Performs equally as well on smaller engine scooters.

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Dynaplug Carbon Ultralite Tire Plug Kit


…insertion tube and seals the interior storage compartment. Engineered for repairing punctures in tubeless tires for motorcycles, ATV's, scooters, and garden tractors with a maximum tire thickness of 1-1/8” and a minimum thickness of 3/16” at the point of the puncture. Easy-to-use, neat and clean.…

BeadBuster XB-455 Tire Bead Breaker


…about every kind of tire there is. No adjustment needed for different tire sizes. *It will break the bead on all of these kinds of tires and wheels: ATV's, Side x Sides, Motorcycles (Street & Dirt), Cars, Light Trucks, 4X4 Trucks, Trailers, Lawn Equipment, Go-Karts, Scooters, Light Aircraft.…

Dyna Beads Motorcycle Starter Kit

$12.99 - $16.99

…(1) 3 oz. bag, (1) 2 oz. bag and Applicator w/ spout. -1 oz. bag for 80 - 120mm width motorcycle tires (BMW's use 2 oz.) and 10" scooter wheels. -2 oz. bag for 130mm - 240mm width motorcycle tires, BMW's, and 12" and larger scooter wheels. -3 oz. bag for 250mm - 360mm width motorcycle tires.

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Slime Moto Spair Kit with Compressor


Scooter tires. It is compact and stores easily in a motorcycle saddle bag. The Slime sealant seeks out and repairs tread area punctures up to 1/4” (6mm) in diameter repeatedly for up to 2 years! *Sealant seeks out and repairs punctures up to 1/4" (6mm). *Non-toxic and non-corrosive. *Safe for tires

Dyna Beads Refill Bag

$5.99 - $44.99

…*Dramatically longer tire life. *No rebalancing. *No spoke or rim weights. *Eliminates tire cupping. *Not recommended for racing applications. *1 oz. re-fill bag of Dyna Beads. -For use with 80 - 110 mm width motorcycle tires (BMW's use 2 oz.). -For use with 10" diameter scooter wheels. *2 oz.…

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Ride-On LED Smart TPMS Valve Caps


…sure that their tires are properly inflated. Once installed the LED Smart Cap TPMS valve cap will alert you if the tire pressure drops by a setpoint pressure. The Smart Cap Tire Pressure Monitor system is available for automobiles, SUVs, light trucks, vans, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, ATVs,…

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Related Categories 120-70-10 | Am63 | Avon