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Pro Honda Chain Cleaner


*Prepares chain for re-oiling. *Emulsifies and removes dirt, grime and built-up grease. *Spray on—rinse off. *Safe on all types of drive chains.

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Pro Honda Chain Lube With White Graphite


*Advanced technology for the ultimate in lubrication and protection. *Contains White Graphite for superior lubrication. *Resists wear and weather for long-lasting lubrication. *Compatible with both O-ring and non O-ring chains. *Works at both high and low temperature extremes. *No-fling formulation.

Pro Honda Chain Lube With Moly


*Contains Moly and PTEF for superior lubrication. *Resists wear and weather for long-lasting lubrication. *Compatible with both O-ring and non O-ring chains. *Works at both high and low temperature extremes. *Contains no chlorinated solvents or CFC’s. *No-fling formula.

Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish

$3.79 - $5.49

*Quickly cleans, polishes and protects. *A complete detailer in a can. *Cleans and polishes all plastics, chrome, aluminum, and painted surfaces without water. *Leaves a clean, streak-free finish with one application. *Contains anti-static ingredients to repel dust and dirt. *Protects finished…

Tusk 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit


…jug of Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil One Tusk oil filter One Tusk Crush washer M12 *This kit includes the following items: Two 32oz bottles of Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil One Tusk oil filter One Tusk crush washer *This kit includes the following items: Three 32oz bottles of Pro Honda GN4…

Pro Honda HP Fork Oil


*Friction-modified formula specifically engineered for the latest in suspension technology from Showa and KYB®. *Minimizes stiction and cavitation, providing optimum performance for all Honda inverted-fork suspension systems.

Pro Honda HP Fork Oil SS-47


*Maintains peak performance during the most severe operating conditions. *Proven to reduce internal friction. *Superior anti-foam, anti-fade and anti-wear characteristics. *Original equipment on several 2007 and newer motorcycles.

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Pro Honda Tie-Down Set


*White zinc plated cam buckle with Honda logo. *Offered in Red, Black, and Blue colors. *Includes two 5.5’ long x 1” wide webbed straps. *1200 lb. tensile strength. *Vinyl coated S-hooks. *Includes 2 soft straps. *Sold in pairs.

Pro Honda Contact/Brake Cleaner


*Removes grease and oil quickly. *Cleans brake drums, liners, cylinders, and springs. *Safe for most plastics. *Meets SCAQMD Rule 1171 requirements for unlimited use. *Ultra-Low VOC non-chlorinated formula, So. California Compliant.

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Pro Honda Silicone Spray


*Lubricates plastics, rubber and vinyl. *Eliminates sticking and squeeking. *Safe for painted surfaces. *Colorless formula will not stain surfaces. *Provides lubrication from -80° F to +600° F.

Pro Honda Glass Cleaner


*Quick-foaming formula cleans glass, mirrors, headlights, and chrome surfaces without streaking.

Pro Honda Hondalock 1


*Low-strength blue colored threadlock for frequently removed and/or low-torque fasteners. *Protects against corrosion and wear. *Resists vibration, moisture and most chemicals.

Pro Honda Hondalock 2


*Medium strength orange colored threadlock for medium-torque fasteners.

Pro Honda Hondalock 2HT


*Hight-temperature red colored threadlock for medium-torque fasteners in high-temperature applications such as cylinder head exhaust studs.

Pro Honda Hondalock 3


*High-strength green colored threadlock for semi-permanent and/or high-torque fasteners. *Helps retain gears, bearings and pulleys to their shafts.

Pro Honda Hondabond 4


*Semi-drying liquid gasket. *Seals irregular surfaces with a tough, elastic film. *Solvent-based for easy removal; also resists gasoline.

Pro Honda Hondabond HT


*High-temperature silicone liquid gasket. *Unique formula is non-acidic and won’t corrode aluminum like other silicon gasket products will. *For use in applications not requiring solid gaskets.

Pro Honda Handgrip Cement


*Required when installing PVC-type handgrips. *Ideal for use on rubber handgrips, footpeg covers, plus kickstart and shift pedal rubbers.

Pro Honda Dielectric Grease


*Non-conductive waterproofing compound. *Insulates electrical connections and adheres to most surfaces, sealing out moisture, dirt, and corrosion.

Pro Honda Hondalube/Rust Penetrant


*Displaces moisture and protects against rust and corrosion. *Frees rusted parts. *Lubricates all metal surfaces. *Low VOC formula meets current CARB and OTC standards. *Contains no chlorinated solvents or CFCs.

Pro Honda Hondabrite Cleaner


*Cleans an entire motorcycle or ATV in just minutes. *Removes dirt, oil, road grime, and insects. *Cleans paint, chrome, alloy, and rubber. *Contains powerful corrosion-inhibitors. *Easy to spray on and hose off. *Surface safe when used as directed.

Pro Honda Glare Professional Polish


…*Creates a rock-hard protective shield. *For use on paint, fiberglass, chrome, glass, carbon fiber, plexiglass, and metal alloys. *Protects against ultra-violet rays. *Impervious to harsh detergents. *Blocks out corrosion and oxidation. *Best when used in conjunction with Pro Honda Glare Ultra Wash.

Pro Honda HP Coolant Type-2


*Exclusive Honda formula with Non-Abrasive Corrosion Inhibitor for maximum protection. *Advanced Type-2 "Blue" formula is 100% compatible with and replaces the original "Green" coolant. *Protects from -34 °F freeze point to 265 °F (at 15 PSI) boiling point. *Ready to use straight from the bottle…

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Pro Honda HP2 2-Stroke Oil


*Premium synthetic base stocks with high film-strength give maximum wear-protection. *Extremely clean-burning formula minimizes carbon deposits, extends spark plug life, and reduces maintenance. *Special additives minimize friction for cooler running, maximum horsepower and quicker throttle…

Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-7


*Genuine Showa fluid designed for use with cartridge-type and standard forks, as well as rebuildable rear shocks, including Pro-Link® systems. *Replaces ATF recommendation in owners' manuals.

Pro Honda Moly Paste M77


*Required assembly lubricant for many projects, the handy squeeze tube allows for easy application to the desired area helping reduce waste and mess. *Contents are solid and will not separate at room temperature. *Recommended for gears, bearings and other high-pressure, high-temperature…

Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-8


*Genuine Showa fluid designed for use with cartridge type or standard forks. *Recommended for firmer handling or heavier loads. *Bright red in color.

Pro Honda White Lithium Grease


*Heavy duty general purpose lubricant. *Penetrates between parts to provide deep long-lasting lubrication *Displaces moisture and protects against rust and corrosion. *Works at both high and low temperature extremes. *White color shows coverage to help insure complete application. *Low VOC formula…

Pro Honda Shaft Drive Oil


*Single application hypoid gear oil. *Exceeds API service classifications GL-5 and GL-4, among the API's toughest standards for lubricants for hypoid gears. *Approved for use in shaft drive motorcycles and ATV's.

Pro Honda HP Transmission Oil


*HP Trans Oil offers ultra-high film strength and shear stability to minimize transmission wear, while its high thermal stability prevents foaming and premature oil breakdown. *Special anti-friction additives allow smoother shifting, while minimizing drag and power loss. Anti-shear additives…

Pro Honda HP Fork Oil SS-19


*Specifically designed for the Honda CRF250R equipped with Showa suspension. *Formula engineered for the next generation of performance motorcycles.

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Pro Honda HP Shock Oil SS-25


*Specifically designed for the Honda CRF250R equipped with Showa suspension. *Formula engineered for the next generation of performance motorcycles.

Pro Honda Fuel Stabilizer and Corrosion Inhibitor


*Genuine Sta-Bil® formula eliminates the need to drain fuel for engines stored longer than 60 days. *Fuel treatment for long-term storage. *For use in 2 and 4 cycle engines. *Developed to combat problems from fuels containing Ethanol. *Prevents formation of fuel system deposits. *Helps keep fuel…

Pro Honda Brake Fluid DOT 4


*High-temperature formula for heavy-duty or racing applications. *Use in all hydraulic brake and clutch systems requiring DOT 3 or DOT 4.

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Pro Honda No-Spill Gas Can (CARB Approved)

$29.99 - $43.99

*CARB-approved Gas Can in convenient 2.5 and 5 gallon sizes. *Features a thumb-button controlled, auto-stop fuel spout. *Fuel flow automatically stops when fuel reaches the edge of the spout. *High flow rate with stainless steel filter screen. *Meets fuel can regulations in all 50 states.

Pro Honda HP4 4-Stroke Motor Oil


*HP4's extraordinary additive package now has better anti-foaming qualities, higher viscosity index for stability over a broader temperature range and even greater shear stability than HP4M oil. *HP4 blends the heat stability and shear resistance of synthetic oil with mineral oil's natural lubricity…

Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil

$6.29 - $23.25

*Honda selected the highest-quality base stocks and created an additive packages specifically designed for the unique requirements of motorcycle engines. *GN4 has better shear-resistance, viscosity stability and cleanliness to meet the requirements and stresses of a new era of engine technology.

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Motion Pro Honda Bearing Retainer Tool

$16.19 - $17.99

*Designed to remove and install the rear wheel seal/bearing retainer nut. *Precision design prevents damage to the retainer nut.

Pro Honda Carburetor Cleaner (Non-Chlorinated, 50 State Legal)


*Cleans throttle and choke linkages. *Decarbonizes intake and emission system components. *Computer oxygen sensor safe. *Ultra-Low VOC non-chlorinated formula. *Legal in all 50 States.

Pro Honda Optimate3+ Automatic 5 Stage Battery Charger


*Automatically recovers, monitors, and maintains all types of 3.5 to 32 amp-hour Power Sports batteries. *Utilizes an advanced diagnostic program to detect and deter sulfates. *Breathes new life into most neglected batteries. *A "must-have" for PWC owners or in cold-weather climates.

Pro Honda HP4S Full Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil


*Fully synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle oil. *Lower fluid friction than conventional oils. *Better oxidation resistance for better high heat performance. *Higher film strength under heat and load than conventional oils. *Quicker flow to vital engine parts at low temperature, especially during start up.…

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Pro Honda HP4M Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke Motor Oil


*A synthetic/mineral oil blend that gets the best qualities of both. *Features a comprehensive additive package and a friction-reducing molybdenum compound for smoother shifting and maximum fuel economy. *Not recommended for use in wet clutch applications.

Motion Pro Valve Spring Compressor


*Improved quick action design. *Used in same applications as Honda tool 07757-0010000 and Kowa tool AKS-215-1010 OEM tools. *Accepts Motion Pro adapters (08-0248) as well as Honda OEM adapters 07GME-KT70200, 07JME-KY20100, and 07959-KM30101 for use in shim under bucket and small diameter valve…

Motion Pro Clutch Hub Spanner


*Made of heat-treated steel. *Use with a 3/8 inch driver. *Inside diameter is 24mm. *Designed to fit oil filter & clutch hub nut on many Honda models (single and twin-cylinder machines).

Motion Pro Spark Plug Socket

$16.19 - $17.99

…small plug cavities. *Can be driven with 1/4" drive ratchet, or 14 mm wrench, socket or T-handle. *Rubber plug retainer. *Originally designed for Honda XR400s as a trail tool, but fits many models with 18 mm plugs. *Thin wall design to fit into low clearance plug cavity. *Socket can be driven with…

Motion Pro Carb Adjustment Tool


*For use on Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha multi cylinder bikes. *Fits both Keihin and Mikuni carbs.

Motion Pro Fork Cap Wrench

$16.19 - $21.59

…billet 6061-T6 and anodized Motion Pro blue. *Laser engraved markings with Motion Pro logo. *Original Motion Pro design. *49 mm, 8 point box wrench for removing the fork cap (cartridge) on dual chamber closed cartridge forks on late-model Yamaha's & Honda's. *12 mm slot for holding the damper rod…

Motion Pro SyncPro Carb Tuner 5mm Brass Adapters - Set of 4, Honda/Suzuki


*Replacement carb adapter set for use with Motion Pro SyncPro mercury carb synchronization tool. *Includes 2 long 5mm tubes and 2 short 5mm tubes. *Includes set of 4 replacement restrictors.

Bolt Japanese Sportbike Pro-Pack 270 Piece Kit


…universal kit. *It will replace many of the fasteners on many models, but may not contain all the fasteners on your model. *Fits all late model Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki sportbikes. *BOLT's hardware meets or exceeds OEM specs. *Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with components from…

Arai Signet-X Gold Wing Helmet


…intrusion. *Click here to check out our in-depth Arai Signet-X Helmet review *The Signet-X Gold Wing helmet is color matched to the all new 2018 Honda Gold Wing models. *Long oval shell for head shapes with pronounced length, but a reduced width. *Quick-release lever for side pod and faceshield.…

Bolt Japanese Off-Road Metric Bolt Kit


…a full set of sprocket bolts and chain adjuster bolts and nuts. *Designed for all late model Japanese motocross and off-road motorcycles including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki & Suzuki. *BOLT's hardware meets or exceeds OEM specs. *Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with components from the USA &…