Pro Honda

Pro Honda Chain Cleaner


*Prepares chain for re-oiling. *Emulsifies and removes dirt, grime and built-up grease. *Spray on—rinse off. *Safe on all types of drive chains.

Pro Honda Chain Lube With White Graphite


*Advanced technology for the ultimate in lubrication and protection. *Contains White Graphite for superior lubrication. *Resists wear and weather for long-lasting lubrication. *Compatible with both O-ring and non O-ring chains. *Works at both high and low temperature extremes. *No-fling formulation.

Pro Honda Chain Lube With Moly


*Contains Moly and PTEF for superior lubrication. *Resists wear and weather for long-lasting lubrication. *Compatible with both O-ring and non O-ring chains. *Works at both high and low temperature extremes. *Contains no chlorinated solvents or CFC’s. *No-fling formula.

Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish

$3.79 - $5.49

*Quickly cleans, polishes and protects. *A complete detailer in a can. *Cleans and polishes all plastics, chrome, aluminum, and painted surfaces without water. *Leaves a clean, streak-free finish with one application. *Contains anti-static ingredients to repel dust and dirt. *Protects finished…

Tusk 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit


The Tusk Oil Change Kit comes with the basic items needed to change the oil in your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV. Each kit comes with enough bottles of motor oil (and in some cases transmission oil) to get the job done. The kit also includes a Tusk oil filter, and crush washer for your drain bolt. Each…

Pro Honda HP Fork Oil


*Friction-modified formula specifically engineered for the latest in suspension technology from Showa and KYB®. *Minimizes stiction and cavitation, providing optimum performance for all Honda inverted-fork suspension systems.

Pro Honda HP Fork Oil SS-47


*Maintains peak performance during the most severe operating conditions. *Proven to reduce internal friction. *Superior anti-foam, anti-fade and anti-wear characteristics. *Original equipment on several 2007 and newer motorcycles.

Pro Honda Helmet Bag


…pocket stores spare faceshield. *Bottom slot allows helmet strap D-rings to fit most helmet locks. *Removable shoulder strap for convenient “hands free” carrying. *Black with a distinctive red Honda wing logo and red piping. *For street helmet use only. Will not work with helmets with visors.

Pro Honda Tie-Down Set


*White zinc plated cam buckle with Honda logo. *Offered in Red, Black, and Blue colors. *Includes two 5.5’ long x 1” wide webbed straps. *1200 lb. tensile strength. *Vinyl coated S-hooks. *Includes 2 soft straps. *Sold in pairs.

Pro Honda Contact/Brake Cleaner


*Removes grease and oil quickly. *Cleans brake drums, liners, cylinders, and springs. *Safe for most plastics. *Meets SCAQMD Rule 1171 requirements for unlimited use. *Ultra-Low VOC non-chlorinated formula, So. California Compliant.

Pro Honda Silicone Spray


*Lubricates plastics, rubber and vinyl. *Eliminates sticking and squeeking. *Safe for painted surfaces. *Colorless formula will not stain surfaces. *Provides lubrication from -80° F to +600° F.

Pro Honda Glass Cleaner


*Quick-foaming formula cleans glass, mirrors, headlights, and chrome surfaces without streaking.

Pro Honda Hondalock 1


*Low-strength blue colored threadlock for frequently removed and/or low-torque fasteners. *Protects against corrosion and wear. *Resists vibration, moisture and most chemicals.

Pro Honda Hondalock 2


*Medium strength orange colored threadlock for medium-torque fasteners.

Pro Honda Hondalock 2HT


*Hight-temperature red colored threadlock for medium-torque fasteners in high-temperature applications such as cylinder head exhaust studs.

Pro Honda Hondalock 3


*High-strength green colored threadlock for semi-permanent and/or high-torque fasteners. *Helps retain gears, bearings and pulleys to their shafts.

Pro Honda Hondabond 4


*Semi-drying liquid gasket. *Seals irregular surfaces with a tough, elastic film. *Solvent-based for easy removal; also resists gasoline.

Pro Honda Hondabond HT


*High-temperature silicone liquid gasket. *Unique formula is non-acidic and won’t corrode aluminum like other silicon gasket products will. *For use in applications not requiring solid gaskets.

Pro Honda Handgrip Cement


*Required when installing PVC-type handgrips. *Ideal for use on rubber handgrips, footpeg covers, plus kickstart and shift pedal rubbers.

Pro Honda Dielectric Grease


*Non-conductive waterproofing compound. *Insulates electrical connections and adheres to most surfaces, sealing out moisture, dirt, and corrosion.

Pro Honda Hondalube/Rust Penetrant


*Displaces moisture and protects against rust and corrosion. *Frees rusted parts. *Lubricates all metal surfaces. *Low VOC formula meets current CARB and OTC standards. *Contains no chlorinated solvents or CFCs.

Pro Honda Hondabrite Cleaner


*Cleans an entire motorcycle or ATV in just minutes. *Removes dirt, oil, road grime, and insects. *Cleans paint, chrome, alloy, and rubber. *Contains powerful corrosion-inhibitors. *Easy to spray on and hose off. *Surface safe when used as directed.

Pro Honda Glare Professional Polish


…*Creates a rock-hard protective shield. *For use on paint, fiberglass, chrome, glass, carbon fiber, plexiglass, and metal alloys. *Protects against ultra-violet rays. *Impervious to harsh detergents. *Blocks out corrosion and oxidation. *Best when used in conjunction with Pro Honda Glare Ultra Wash.

Pro Honda HP Coolant Type-2


*Exclusive Honda formula with Non-Abrasive Corrosion Inhibitor for maximum protection. *Advanced Type-2 "Blue" formula is 100% compatible with and replaces the original "Green" coolant. *Protects from -34 °F freeze point to 265 °F (at 15 PSI) boiling point. *Ready to use straight from the bottle…

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Pro Honda HP2 2-Stroke Oil


*Premium synthetic base stocks with high film-strength give maximum wear-protection. *Extremely clean-burning formula minimizes carbon deposits, extends spark plug life, and reduces maintenance. *Special additives minimize friction for cooler running, maximum horsepower and quicker throttle…

Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-7


*Genuine Showa fluid designed for use with cartridge-type and standard forks, as well as rebuildable rear shocks, including Pro-Link® systems. *Replaces ATF recommendation in owners' manuals.

Pro Honda Moly Paste M77


*Required assembly lubricant for many projects, the handy squeeze tube allows for easy application to the desired area helping reduce waste and mess. *Contents are solid and will not separate at room temperature. *Recommended for gears, bearings and other high-pressure, high-temperature…

Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-8


*Genuine Showa fluid designed for use with cartridge type or standard forks. *Recommended for firmer handling or heavier loads. *Bright red in color.

Pro Honda White Lithium Grease


*Heavy duty general purpose lubricant. *Penetrates between parts to provide deep long-lasting lubrication *Displaces moisture and protects against rust and corrosion. *Works at both high and low temperature extremes. *White color shows coverage to help insure complete application. *Low VOC formula…

Pro Honda Shaft Drive Oil


*Single application hypoid gear oil. *Exceeds API service classifications GL-5 and GL-4, among the API's toughest standards for lubricants for hypoid gears. *Approved for use in shaft drive motorcycles and ATV's.

Pro Honda HP Transmission Oil


*HP Trans Oil offers ultra-high film strength and shear stability to minimize transmission wear, while its high thermal stability prevents foaming and premature oil breakdown. *Special anti-friction additives allow smoother shifting, while minimizing drag and power loss. Anti-shear additives…

Pro Honda HP Fork Oil SS-19


*Specifically designed for the Honda CRF250R equipped with Showa suspension. *Formula engineered for the next generation of performance motorcycles.

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Pro Honda HP Shock Oil SS-25


*Specifically designed for the Honda CRF250R equipped with Showa suspension. *Formula engineered for the next generation of performance motorcycles.

Pro Honda Fuel Stabilizer and Corrosion Inhibitor


*Genuine Sta-Bil® formula eliminates the need to drain fuel for engines stored longer than 60 days. *Fuel treatment for long-term storage. *For use in 2 and 4 cycle engines. *Developed to combat problems from fuels containing Ethanol. *Prevents formation of fuel system deposits. *Helps keep fuel…

Pro Honda Brake Fluid DOT 4


*High-temperature formula for heavy-duty or racing applications. *Use in all hydraulic brake and clutch systems requiring DOT 3 or DOT 4.

Pro Honda No-Spill Gas Can (CARB Approved)

$29.99 - $43.99

*CARB-approved Gas Can in convenient 2.5 and 5 gallon sizes. *Features a thumb-button controlled, auto-stop fuel spout. *Fuel flow automatically stops when fuel reaches the edge of the spout. *High flow rate with stainless steel filter screen. *Meets fuel can regulations in all 50 states.

Pro Honda HP4 4-Stroke Motor Oil


*HP4's extraordinary additive package now has better anti-foaming qualities, higher viscosity index for stability over a broader temperature range and even greater shear stability than HP4M oil. *HP4 blends the heat stability and shear resistance of synthetic oil with mineral oil's natural lubricity…

Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil

$5.99 - $21.75

*Honda selected the highest-quality base stocks and created an additive packages specifically designed for the unique requirements of motorcycle engines. *GN4 has better shear-resistance, viscosity stability and cleanliness to meet the requirements and stresses of a new era of engine technology.

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Motion Pro Honda Bearing Retainer Tool

$16.19 - $17.99

*Designed to remove and install the rear wheel seal/bearing retainer nut. *Precision design prevents damage to the retainer nut.

Pro Honda Carburetor Cleaner (Non-Chlorinated, 50 State Legal)


*Cleans throttle and choke linkages. *Decarbonizes intake and emission system components. *Computer oxygen sensor safe. *Ultra-Low VOC non-chlorinated formula. *Legal in all 50 States.

Pro Honda Optimate3+ Automatic 5 Stage Battery Charger


*Automatically recovers, monitors, and maintains all types of 3.5 to 32 amp-hour Power Sports batteries. *Utilizes an advanced diagnostic program to detect and deter sulfates. *Breathes new life into most neglected batteries. *A "must-have" for PWC owners or in cold-weather climates.

Pro Honda HP4S Full Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil


*Fully synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle oil. *Lower fluid friction than conventional oils. *Better oxidation resistance for better high heat performance. *Higher film strength under heat and load than conventional oils. *Quicker flow to vital engine parts at low temperature, especially during start up.…

Pro Honda HP4M Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke Motor Oil

$8.98 - $10.34

*A synthetic/mineral oil blend that gets the best qualities of both. *Features a comprehensive additive package and a friction-reducing molybdenum compound for smoother shifting and maximum fuel economy. *Not recommended for use in wet clutch applications.

Motion Pro Valve Spring Compressor


*Improved quick action design. *Used in same applications as Honda tool 07757-0010000 and Kowa tool AKS-215-1010 OEM tools. *Accepts Motion Pro adapters (08-0248) as well as Honda OEM adapters 07GME-KT70200, 07JME-KY20100, and 07959-KM30101 for use in shim under bucket and small diameter valve…

Motion Pro Clutch Hub Spanner


*Made of heat-treated steel. *Use with a 3/8 inch driver. *Inside diameter is 24mm. *Designed to fit oil filter & clutch hub nut on many Honda models (single and twin-cylinder machines).

Motion Pro Carb Adjustment Tool


*For use on Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha multi cylinder bikes. *Fits both Keihin and Mikuni carbs.

Motion Pro SyncPro Carb Tuner 5mm Brass Adapters - Set of 4, Honda/Suzuki


*Replacement carb adapter set for use with Motion Pro SyncPro mercury carb synchronization tool. *Includes 2 long 5mm tubes and 2 short 5mm tubes. *Includes set of 4 replacement restrictors.

Bolt Japanese Sportbike Pro-Pack 270 Piece Kit


…universal kit. *It will replace many of the fasteners on many models, but may not contain all the fasteners on your model. *Fits all late model Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki sportbikes. *BOLT's hardware meets or exceeds OEM specs. *Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with components from…

Bolt Japanese Off-Road Metric Bolt Kit


…a full set of sprocket bolts and chain adjuster bolts and nuts. *Designed for all late model Japanese motocross and off-road motorcycles including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki & Suzuki. *BOLT's hardware meets or exceeds OEM specs. *Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with components from the USA &…