Motion Pro

Motion Pro SyncPro Carb Tuner


*Precise 4 channel vacuum indicator designed specifically for intake synchronization of engines with multiple carburetors or throttle bodies. *New mercury free design. *Includes manometer fluid, hoses, 5mm adapters, in-line restrictors and instructions.

Motion Pro Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit - EV1


*Easily cleans most fuel injectors *Fits most EV1 fuel injectors used on late model HD motorcycle engines *Will flush and back flush injectors for best possible cleaning process *No compressed air required *Requires aerosol can of fuel injector safe carb cleaner (not included) *Push button switch to…

Motion Pro Nitro Tape


*Self-fusing silicone tape. *Leaves no residue. *Stretches 300%. *Withstands a temperature range of -65F to 500F. *Insulates 8,000 volts per layer. *Waterproof. *Resists UV, oil, salt and corrosive chemicals. *20 mil x 1 inch wide x 10 ft roll.

Motion Pro Mini-Pro T-Handle Set


*Five piece set includes 8, 10, 12, 13, and 14 mm sizes. *Compact size for easy access and transport. *6 3/4 in. shaft length. *Chrome-vanadium tool steel shaft. *Durable nickel pewter finish. *Includes a vinyl storage pouch. *Limited Lifetime replacement warranty.

Motion Pro Hydraulic Brake Bleeder


*Aids in the servicing and bleeding of hydraulic brakes. *Allows fluid and air to escape while preventing air from re-entering the system. *Makes bleeding brakes a one person job.

Motion Pro Auxiliary Fuel Tank


*For shop use when tuning with fuel tank off bike. *Takes the place of the regular fuel tank while synchronizing carbs. *Screws on top with O-ring seal. *Includes 4 ft. of 1/4" fuel line and in-line petcock.

Motion Pro Fork Alignment Tool


*Quick and easy to use tool for aligning front forks to insure they are parallel from top to bottom *Knurled adjustment screws for easy setup *Reduces friction and improves the performance of your front suspension *Reduces seal and bushing wear *Fits most MX and Off-Road motorcycles with 27mm - 62mm…

Motion Pro Chain Riveting Tool Replacement Pin


*Replacement Pin for the Motion Pro Chain Riveting Tool.

Motion Pro Wheel Bearing Driver Set


*Quick change adaptors accommodate a wide range of bearing combinations. *Laser etched for easy identification. *Fits all bearings with 12-24 mm I.D. and 32-47 mm O.D. *Durable steel handle and anodized aluminum drivers. *Can be used with a hammer or shop press. *Protective molded case included.

Motion Pro Chain Breaker Replacement Pin


*Heat treated chromoly body *Fits all chain sizes

Motion Pro Brake Caliper Piston Tool


*Ultra-low profile design removes pistons from monoblock disk brake calipers. *Fits pistons with a center bore of 15 mm to 28 mm. *Easy to use single locking screw. *Works on aluminum, steel, and titanium pistons. *Non marring design will not harm pistons or caliper. *Billet aluminum and stainless…

Motion Pro Mini Hydraulic Brake Bleeder


*Combines wrench and bleeder valve into one convenient and compact tool. *Bleeds brake systems and hydraulic clutch systems. *Internal check valve for fast easy bleeding. *Anodized billet aluminum handle with chrome moly steel body. *Compact size for tight spaces. *High quality internal seal. *Multi…

Motion Pro Chain Riveting Tool


*Designed to rivet chain links to form an endless chain such as cam and drive chains. *May also be used to push pins out for breaking chains. *Will not work on Renthal R3-2 or Iris chains.

Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool


*Allows visual alignment of sprocket for accurate alignment of drive chain and rear wheel.

Motion Pro TiProlight Titanium Combination Wrench

$18.36 - $38.69

*Weighs less than one quarter of the weight of a standard steel wrench *Made from tool-grade titanium alloy *Extremely lightweight and compact design is perfect for trail tool packs *Titanium alloy will never rust or corrode *Not recommended for everyday shop use *Patent pending

Motion Pro T-6 Combo Lever Set

$35.99 - $49.49

*Tire spoons with axle nut hex wrench and tire spoon hex wrench for rim lock nut sets. *Both levers have perfectly contoured tire lever on one end. *One lever has unique combination stepped 12/13mm or 10/12mm box end wrench on other end for turning rim lock nuts. *Second wrench will come with either…

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Motion Pro RimShield II


*Improved version of original Rim Shield. *Made with genuine DuPont Zytel Super Tough nylon resin for unmatched strength and durability. *Prevents rim damage from tire levers during tire changes. *Dual raised beads facilitate inserting tire lever under tire bead and prevents tire lever from…

Motion Pro Pro Funnel


*Integrated shutoff valve allows precise amount of liquid to be dispensed. *Graduation marks for cubic centimeters, fluid ounces and premix ratio. *One liter capacity. *Easy to understand premix ratio graduations for 32:1, 40:1, 50:1 and 60:1 for 1 to 3 gallons. *Adjustable ball-pivot spout allows…

Motion Pro Cable Lube


*Motion Pro cable lube provides the smoothest operation and longest cable life. Their special blend of Red Line synthetic lubricant and rust inhibitors keep your cables working smoothly in any weather conditions from hot to cold, wet or dry.

Motion Pro Throttle Tube


*Replace worn or broken twist throttle sleeves on most popular models with Motion Pro's replacement throttle sleeves *Molded from a nylon fabric composite material that is much stronger and more durable than the original. *Most feature pop out end caps

Motion Pro Compression Tester


The Motion Pro Compression Tester is designed for use on gasoline engines with 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm spark plugs. *Designed to check cylinder compression. *Contains hoses for 10, 12 & 14mm spark plug applications. *Features a quick disconnect with a pressure release valve and a 300 psi. gauge.…

Motion Pro Umbrella


*Large 52” opening. *Constructed with 190T nylon fabric. *Fiberglass shaft with carbon fiber appearance. *Soft EVA foam handle. *Easy push button opening mechanism.

Motion Pro Rim Protectors


*Protects your wheel from scratches and dings caused by tire changing tools. *Two protectors and retrieval cords included for easy use.

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Motion Pro Chain Breaker


*Heat treated chromoly body *Fits all chain sizes

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Motion Pro Multi-Purpose Tool


*Can be used to remove 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14 mm bolts; #2, #3 phillips head screws, small and medium straight slot screws; 5mm and 6mm hex head bolts *Versatility can be further enhanced by adding more ¼" and 3/8" sockets. *Includes carrying pouch.

Motion Pro Tire Iron


*8 1/2" inches long with one end curved for easier mounting. *Durable and strong, cold forged steel construction. *Easy to carry and fits in most fanny packs. *Sold individually.

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Motion Pro Sprocket Jammer™


*Prevents rotation of chain and sprockets for easy removal or installation of counter shaft nut. *Can be used to pull rear wheel against chain blocks when tightening rear axle. *CNC billet aluminum construction. *Blue anodize and laser etching for easy identification.

Motion Pro Gearjammer


*Locks gears in place for easy installation and removal. *Allows tightening lock nuts to proper torque settings. *Powerful magnet holds tool in place during use. *Billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum construction. *Not for use with impact guns.

Motion Pro Gasket Scraper


*Ergonomic billet aluminum handle. *Brass blade included safely removes paper gaskets from aluminum engine cases. *Steel blade included for difficult to remove paper gaskets. *Blades can be easily sharpened. *Convenient blade storage in handle. *Narrow slant cut blade designed specifically for small…

Motion Pro T-Handle Rack


*Easily hangs on the side of most tool boxes *Keeps T-Handles accessible and ready for action *11 slots

Motion Pro Moto Spade


*Double ended design for ultimate versatility. *Curved spade for the big stuff. *Brush head to clean controls and radiators. *Made of durable ABS plastic. *Patent Pending design.

Motion Pro Tire Station


*Tire changing stand and air tank holder. *Combine with your air tank to make the ultimate tire changing station. *Forms a cage around your air tank and protects it from damage. *Works best with 5 to 10 gallon air tanks.(14.5" - 24.5" in length & 9" to 12.75" in diameter) *Can be used with or…

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Motion Pro T-Handle Driver

$6.29 - $8.09

*Made from chrome-vanadium tool steel with carbon steel T-handles.

Motion Pro Tech Apron


*Adjustable neck strap *Deep pockets *Pure cotton with vinyl bottom protector

Motion Pro Flywheel Puller

$7.19 - $53.99

*Replaces O.E.M. tool. *Includes shaft protector cap.

Motion Pro Speedometer Cable

$7.19 - $21.59

*Black vinyl coil-wound housing. *Meets or exceeds OE quality. *Inner nylon sleeve for longer life and smooth operation.

Motion Pro Brake Lever

$7.65 - $36.89

*Die cast A-360 grade aluminum *Built to resist breakage *Brass bushings on most models for smooth operation *Hard finish coating for durability *Precise original equipment specifications *Only works on models with Brembo brakes.

Motion Pro Clutch Lever

$5.99 - $35.99

*Die cast A-360 grade aluminum. *Built to resist breakage. *Brass bushings on most models for smooth operation. *Hard finish coating for durability. *Precise original equipment specifications.

Motion Pro Throttle Cable

$5.39 - $65.25

*A special nylon liner assures smooth operation with minimal lubrication. *Fittings are accurately made to original equipment specifications. *Most fittings are mold-formed to the cable. *Complete push/pull set. *Complete push/pull set. *Complete push/pull set. *Complete push/pull set. *Cable is 2"…

Motion Pro Clutch Cable

$7.19 - $29.97

*A special nylon liner assures smooth operation with minimal lubrication *Fittings are accurately made to original equipment specifications *Most fittings are mold-formed to the cable *This cable is +2" longer than stock.

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Motion Pro Fork Cap Wrench

$16.19 - $21.59

…This allows for the removal of the cartridge from the lower fork leg. *Made from billet 6061-T6 and anodized Motion Pro blue. *Laser engraved markings with Motion Pro logo. *Original Motion Pro design. *49 mm, 8 point box wrench for removing the fork cap (cartridge) on dual chamber closed cartridge…

Motion Pro Cable Luber V3


*Original Motion Pro design seals completely around cable housing. *Makes it easy to clean and lubricate control cables. *Less mess and less wasted lubricant. *Unique design makes it the best sealing cable luber on the market. *Works on most control cables with 4 mm to 8 mm OD housing. *Seals over…

Motion Pro Spinner II T-Handle

$17.99 - $19.79

Motion Pro Spinner II T-Handle with 3/8" Swivel Drive. With its bearing mounted spinner you can remove or install nuts and bolts faster and easier. There is also a padded handle for added comfort. The Motion Pro Spinner II T-Handle will become your favorite tool in your box. *High quality Motion Pro

Motion Pro Crankcase Splitter V2


…from Motion Pro is the fastest and easiest to use case splitter ever devised! *Its unique design makes it easy to center the puller over the crankshaft. *Grooved puller studs are fast and simple to install. *Captured retaining collars in puller arms allow quick adjustment and setup. *The Motion Pro

Motion Pro Valve Spring Compressor


*Improved quick action design. *Used in same applications as Honda tool 07757-0010000 and Kowa tool AKS-215-1010 OEM tools. *Accepts Motion Pro adapters (08-0248) as well as Honda OEM adapters 07GME-KT70200, 07JME-KY20100, and 07959-KM30101 for use in shim under bucket and small diameter valve…

Motion Pro Air Gauge Holder


*Aluminum holder designed for use with the Motion Pro Professional and Digital tire gauges *Magnet on back allows for quick mounting to any metal surface or can be used without magnet for permanent mounting. *Eye catching number plate graphics with space for personalized race numbers

Motion Pro Pin Spanner Wrench


…steel shoulder bolt pivot. *Replaceable hardened tool steel pins. *Includes 4 mm and 3 mm pins. *Low profile pins provide added clearance on fork caps. *Durable blue anodized finish with laser engraved markings. *Designed for use on many forks and shock absorbers. *Original Motion Pro design.

Motion Pro Premium Fuel Line

$18.89 - $21.59

*Motion Pro's best quality fuel line. *Stronger and more durable than vinyl fuel line. *Use with any type of gasoline. *Resists swelling and hardening. *Resistant to direct sunlight, hardening and/or cracking. *Flexible in temperatures from -35F to +165F. *Fuel line stretches easily over fittings or…

Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube


…and eliminates galling. *No irritating and uncomfortable vibration like aluminum tubes. *Higher performance than aluminum tubes at a much lower cost. *Cannot be used with bar end mounted hand guards. *5 year crash warranty - If it stops working due to a crash or tip over Motion Pro will replace it!

Motion Pro Rev2 Throttle Kit


…and maintain *Designed by Motion Pro *Patent pending Kit includes: *Rev2™ throttle assembly with throttle tube (MX/Off-Road kits include Titan™ Throttle Tube) *Motion Pro Revolver™ black vinyl cables specifically designed for your bike *Street/Road Race kits include Motion Pro RoadControl™ grips and…

Motion Pro Terminator Clutch Cable

$16.19 - $33.29

*The Terminator Clutch Cable embodies the latest cable technology by winding the housing lengthwise instead of around like a coil spring. *This method enables a better clutch pull as well as allowing the cable to bend in a more natural arc, but more importantly eliminates spring or compression in…

Motion Pro Clutch Hub Spanner


*Made of heat-treated steel. *Use with a 3/8 inch driver. *Inside diameter is 24mm. *Designed to fit oil filter & clutch hub nut on many Honda models (single and twin-cylinder machines).