Kuryakyn Finned Timing Cover


…for a cool retro vibe. Styled to complement the entire line of Kuryakyn finned accents and covers. *Includes hardware for installation. *Quality aluminum construction offered in chrome or satin black & machined finishes. *Styled to match the complete line of Kuryakyn finned accents and covers.

Kuryakyn Airmaster® Windshield


Küryakyn is fired up to offer these top-quality, custom windshields for H-D Touring Models. High-end windshields custom-formed from premium materials using proprietary processes. Crown your bagger with the coolest windshields available. *Manufactured from premium quality, hard-coated polycarbonate.…

Kuryakyn Visored Speedometer Bezel


*This great looking trim ring completely covers the stock stainless steel bezel and incorporates a stylish visor. *Fits H-D Models with Large FL-Style Tank-Mounted Speedometers.

Kuryakyn Liberator Shift Lever


*Give your gears a little edge! *Replace the everyday stock pieces on floorboard equipped Touring & FLST Models with Kuryakyn inventive Shift Levers. *Sold individually. *Shift peg sold separately.

Kuryakyn Covers for Stock Mirrors


Quick, clean, and a simple way to change the look of your stock mirrors without breaking the bank. 3-D flame design goes great with other Küryakyn Flame accessories and is available in a chrome or gloss black finish. The Black Hole model provides a trick contrast appearance. Ace of Spades includes…

Kuryakyn Taillight Cover

$27.89 - $36.89

As your taillight fades into the darkness, the sinister impression of the Kuryakyn Taillight Cover is all that will remain. A new addition to our popular collection, this taillight cover reinforces the image of your evil ride. *All hardware is included for easy installation. *Designed for use on…

Kuryakyn Zombie Lever Set


*Brake away from the ordinary and clutch the gaze of onlookers with Küryakyn's new Zombie Levers. *Comfortable contours and a dished back allow high leverage with minimal reach; a gripping addition to this popular collection. *When installed on an '08 Softail or Dyna, the brake lever will be…

Kuryakyn Eyebrows


*These Chrome Eyebrows are beautifully radiused chrome strips that meld the fairing components together perfectly. *Adding some elegance to your fairing couldn't be easier. *Sold in pairs.

Kuryakyn Plug-N-Play Backrest Pad


*Backrest for Kuryakyn Plug-N-Play Sissy Bar. *Plug-N-Play mount and sissy bar sold separately.

Kuryakyn Plug-N-Play Sissy Bar


*Sissy bar for Kuryakyn Plug-N-Play system. *Backrest pad and Plug-N-Play Mount sold separately.

Kuryakyn Kickstand Extension


*Allows the driver to access the kickstand without flipping up the floorboard on GL1800’s when combined with the Kuryakyn Driver Floorboard kit (P/N 4038). *Offers infinite adjustability.

Kuryakyn Passing Lamp Adapters


Use these plug-&-play adapters to easily install Kuryakyn L.E.D. or any '05-later style passing lamp on an '04-earlier H-D Motorcycle equipped with spade terminal passing lamp connectors.

Kuryakyn Mirror Adapters


*Great for mounting Kuryakyn or Bahn mirrors, also universal for mounting most mirrors with tapped 5/16"-18 hole.

Kuryakyn Widow Shift Peg


*The wicked spider themed design looks awesome by itself or with the rest of Kuryakyn's Widow accessories. *Fits all Harley Davidson shift levers.

Kuryakyn L.E.D. Trunk Molding


*Styled to be a perfect match for the Kuryakyn lighted saddlebag molding. *2-circuit L.E.D.s function as both running and brake lights for a highly visible, long lasting light source. *Places minimal draw on electrical system.

Kuryakyn Driving Light Bezels


Add a bit of chrome in an often overlooked place with Kuryakyn’s Driving Light Bezels for Indian. Made of lightweight ABS plastic, these simple-to-install accents will add a unique touch to your Indian’s driving lights.

Kuryakyn Standard Hypercharger

$220.49 - $239.39

The Kuryakyn Standard Hypercharger Kit will fit most Harley Davidson models with stock or popular aftermarket carburetors. By replacing the stock air cleaner with the Kuryakyn Standard Hypercharger Kit it will increase your machines horsepower and gain in performance. The Kuryakyn Standard…

Kuryakyn Girder Shift Linkage


*Shift with style! *Machined from billet aluminum and then chrome plated with care, Kuryakyn Girder Shift Linkage is a beautiful addition to your bike. *Innovative design looks great by itself or with Girder Shift Lever where applicable.

Kuryakyn Slotted Shift Lever


*Give your gears a little edge! *Replace the everyday stock pieces on floorboard equipped Touring & FLST Models with Kuryakyn inventive Shift Levers. *Sold individually. *Shift peg sold separately.

Kuryakyn Universal Econo-Throttle Assist


A pleasant cruise shouldn't become a white-knuckle ride! Kuryakyn's innovative Universal Econo-Throttle Assist allows you to relax your grip on the throttle, making pins & needles & fatigue a distant memory. This simple design emphasizes reliable function over flashy complex styling. A variety of…

Kuryakyn Transformer Backrest


…can always bring your things & your bike looks awesome. Mounts directly to the required Kuryakyn quick detach Side Plates for Transformer Backrest and you'll have everything you need. This is a must have. *Requires Kuryakyn Motorcycle Specific Side Plates for Transformer Backrest, Sold Separately.

Kuryakyn Self-Regulating Load Equalizer


…advanced load equalizer won’t overheat, even when subjected to 4-way flashers, non-stop security system flashing while trailering, or when stuck at never-ending red traffic lights. *Plug-&-play when used with Küryakyn Panacea Taillight, Run-Turn-Brake Controller, or Load Equalizer Adapters

Kuryakyn Adjustable Lockable Offsets


…feet exactly where you want them. Simply mount the Adjustable Lockable Offset to any Kuryakyn style footpeg mount, adjust the arm to desired foot position and lock them in place. Finish off with any Kuryakyn Male Mount Pegs. *H-D Style Male Mount Applications & Typical Male Mount Cruise Peg…

Kuryakyn Spear Floorboard Inserts


Hit the mark on comfort and ensure your ride's style is on point with Küryakyn Spear Floorboard Inserts for Indian models. Direct replacements featuring a traditional spear design that delivers a new element of classic styling to tastefully enhance the overall appearance of your Chief, Chieftain or…

Kuryakyn Corsair Air Cleaner


The Kuryakyn Corsair Air Cleaner has been tested and redesigned by Kuryankyn until they found the exact air cleaner that they wanted. The Corsair Air Cleaner is designed to be very aggressive, free flowing and a truly high-performance unit that is chrome plated with die cast housing. The Kuryakyn

Kuryakyn Driving Lights


See your ride in a whole new light. This aggressively styled halogen Kuryakyn Driving Light kit gives the traditional "bat-wing" fairing an entirely new personality. *Compact, stretched bezels and stylized fully adjustable brackets provide a clean, stiletto sharp look with intense, focused light…

Kuryakyn Raised Mirror Adapters


*Provides a raised mirror mount location essential for mounting Küryakyn or Bahn mirrors on ’14-later Indian models, as well as additional universal metric and victory applications. *Raising the mirror mounting position approximately 1-1/2" allows clearance from the brake master cylinder and greatly…

Kuryakyn ISO Passenger Floorboards


…with comfort in mind for both you and your passenger. The curved leading edge is "ankle friendly" to the rider when maneuvering into or out of parking spots and are a perfect complement to Kuryakyn driver boards. Fits FL Softail Models & Dyna Switchback with H-D Accessory Passenger Floorboard Kits

Kuryakyn Rider Backrest


Hours in the saddle will feel like minutes in your favorite easy chair when you cruise with Kuryakyn's Rider Backrest. *Quick release mounts allow easy removal and adjustability to suit each rider. *The entire backrest pivots forward at it's anchor points for smooth operation and easy access to the…

Kuryakyn Finned Derby Cover


…vibe. Styled to complement the entire line of Kuryakyn finned accents and covers. *Includes hardware for installation. *Quality aluminum construction offered in chrome or satin black & machined finishes. *Styled to match the complete line of Kuryakyn finned accents and covers. *Requires new derby…

Kuryakyn Grip End Weights


Few things can take the enjoyment out of a great ride like, numb, tingling fingers. Kuryakyn Grips are an excellent first step to keep vibration in check, but now you can improve their legendary comfort even more! Grip End Weights quickly install on the end of each Grip adding mass & length to…

Kuryakyn Spear Brake Pedal


…replacement and immediate aesthetic upgrade over the dull stock rubber pad. Start or complete your Spear theme with the perfect complement to Kuryakyn Spear Floorboard Inserts, Mini Boards and Grips, all sold separately. *Made from quality die-cast aluminum with form-fitted proprietary EPDM premium…

Kuryakyn Extended Brake Pedal


The answer to more legroom on floorboard-equipped H-D models! Kuryakyn Extended Brake Pedals move the location of the brake pedal pad while also flattening its angle. Amount of extension varies depending on application, but the result is that your foot is no longer “under” the brake pedal, making…

Kuryakyn Universal ISO Grips


Just about any popular Cruiser can be fit with the incredibly comfortable Küryakyn ISO Grips. The stock throttle sleeve is re-used. An easily cut spacer is included to accommodate bars of differing lengths. Super hi-strength adhesive & easy step-by-step installation instructions are included.…

Kuryakyn Front Caliper Cover

$22.49 - $64.79

…In just a few minutes your front brake caliper can spring to life with this brilliant chrome cover. Styled to complement the Rear Caliper Cover, the pair provides a balanced, integrated look. Installation is a snap with high strength peel-&-stick adhesive. *Works with Kuryakyn Lower Fork Covers

Kuryakyn Transformer Throttle Boss


…that is positioned under the palm of ones throttle hand. *Allows rider to slightly relax hand grip on throttle and still maintain a constant speed. *Reduces stiffness and fatigue after prolonged cruising at a steady speed. *Must be used with the Kuryakyn ISO Grips, ISO Flame & Transformer Grips.

Kuryakyn Rear Fender Accents

$27.89 - $64.79

It's the unique and subtle touches that get noticed. That is Kuryakyn offers rear fender accents for your bike, a simple way to get show quality chrome with class. Made from a flexible yet durable ABS, these accents offer a great way to make your bike as individual as you are.

Kuryakyn Tour-Pak Hinge Covers


When perfection hinges on detail, these little cover-ups really shine! Kuryakyns beautifully chromed aluminum hinge covers install quickly and securely over the tired-looking OEM stainless pieces. You'll be amazed at the life these give to any paint job.

Kuryakyn Splined Footpeg Adapters

$25.19 - $31.49

*Splined Adapters required to mount Kuryakyn Footpegs sold without adapters. *Non pivoting design. *Fits Passenger mounts on 2006 and newer Dyna's. *Non pivoting design. *Fits Passenger mounts on 2006 and newer Dyna's.

Kuryakyn Kinetic Floorboard Covers


Keep your feet buzz-free! Kinetic™ Floorboard Inserts fit right in place of stock pads for an instant upgrade in style and comfort. Complete the look with Kuryakyn Kinetic™ Shift Pegs and Brake Pedal Pad.

Kuryakyn Riot Heat Shield


…extremely durable and heat-resistant. *Easy to install with included hose clamps for a wide range of fitment. *Styled to match the complete line of Kuryakyn Riot accessories. *Measures 6" in length. *Universal fit for all 1-1/2” to 2” outside diameter exhaust. *Requires 6” of straight exhaust for…

Kuryakyn Kinetic Throttle Boss


Make those long rides a lot more comfortable with the Kuryakyn Kinetic Throttle Boss. Made to go hand in hand with the Kinetic Grips, this little guy will help relieve pressure without losing speed. *Small adjustable paddle that is positioned under the palm of the throttle hand allowing the driver…

Kuryakyn Switch Panel Accent

$36.89 - $45.89

Here's a sweet looking accent you can enjoy every time you're in the saddle! A great addition to either H-D or Küryakyn chrome gauge bezels, this trim places an attractive chrome frame around the ignition & the adjacent control switches. Besides being serious eye candy, the smooth chrome surface is…

Kuryakyn ISO Grips


*Combining style & comfort, Küryakyn ISO-Grips are a quantum leap forward in hand grip design. Like the popular ISO-Pegs, these grips provide a soft, non-slip surface that dampens operating vibration. *The recessed areas between the ISO-Pads permit air flow in hot weather for added comfort. *The…

Kuryakyn Transformer Grips


…styling doesn’t have to mean aching wrist, sore palms and numb fingers. *Soft black Rubber pads mean comfort and a solid feel. *Includes matching Kuryakyn theme inserts: Widow, Zombie, and Maltese Cross medallions. *Universal fit: 1" Handlebars with OEM grips. *Universal fit: 1" Handlebars with OEM…

Kuryakyn Universal Helmet Lock


Don't let anyone walk off with your helmet! Lock it right to your bike with The Kuryakyn Chrome Universal Helmet Lock. Works on engine guards, frame tubes, or any other tubes. *Chrome. *Installs with standard tools. *Works best mounted on a 2-1/4" long section of straight tube.

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Kuryakyn Hypercharger Air Cleaner

$189.00 - $331.19

The Kuryakyn Hypercharger Air Cleaner is one of the most cost effective performance modifications available on the market today. The Kuryakyn Hypercharger Air Cleaner is chrome plated and also has chrome trap door and butterflies making it a striking enhancement on your machine and can only be used…

Kuryakyn Pro Series Hypercharger

$275.39 - $331.19

The totally new design of the Kuryakyn Pro Series Hypercharger is heavier artillery that has been dyno and race track tested. The Pro Series Hypercharger new design is distinctive and you will be spotting it ahead of you screaming of horsepower. The Kuryakyn Pro Series Hypercharger not only has…

Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips


Designed with the customer in mind, the new Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips take a modern swing on an old classic. With the perfect blend of style and function these grips take comfort to a new level. *Features an aluminum body and EPDM rubber that provides less fatigue and more control. *Designed to…

Kuryakyn Barrio Bag


Kuryakyn has released a versatile, fully adjustable, extreme stash bag. With its roll top design, and high strength hook and loop closure system the Barrio holds everything safely and securely; whether its last-minute tools, valuables or your wife’s snacks, there’s nothing this bag can’t store. The…

Kuryakyn Riot Shift Linkage


Aggressively designed direct replacement made from high-quality aluminum to match the complete line of MX-styled Kuryakyn Riot Footpegs, Mini Boards and Grips. *Cast from lightweight A380 aluminum *Premium steel heim joints for smooth shifting, and custom jam nuts to conceal exposed threads.…

Kuryakyn Heavy Industry Mirrors


…and style, rest assured you're getting what you paid for. *Mirror head measure approximately 6" long x 3" wide. *Stems are 6" long and position mirror heads 4" above and 5 1/2" outward from mounting location. *Styling coordinates with the entire line of Kuryakyn Heavy Industry parts and accessories.