Chain Wax

No Toil Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax


…protects your chain – no matter if it’s a standard or o-ring chain. *Biodegradable solvent *Biodegradable wax seals in oil and keeps dirt off of your chain. *Directions for use: 1.Clean chain of any heavy dirt, debris and grease 2.Apply No-Toil Chain Lube along the entire length of the chain 3.Let…

Maxima Chain Wax

$6.75 - $9.68

…and then sets up as a soft waxy film, creating an excellent lube that protects the chain from the elements. *Outstanding rust and corrosion protection. *Will not fling-off or attract dirt. *High performance chain lubricant suitable for X, Z, and O-Ring chains. *For street and off-road use.

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Maxima Chain Wax Care Kit


…oz. and Maxima Chain Wax 13.5 oz. Chain Care Program: 1)Hose off mud and large debris. 2)Spray Maxima CleanUp on chain and sprockets. Let stand for 1 minute. 3)Rinse off with water. 4)Spray chain liberally with Maxima MPPL. 5)Follow up with Maxima Chain Wax. Maxima Chain Wax Features: *Exclusive…

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Yamalube Off-Road Chain Lube


*Yamalube Off-Road Chain Lube is Yamaha's proprietary mixture of Moly, PTBE, and wax that come together to make one of the best chain lubes available for either O-ring or conventional chains.