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Icon Airmada Nikova II Helmet


Angels are everywhere, the intermediaries between the heavens and man. Some pack trumpets, others run harps. But our ICON angel fancies the wood section of the orchestra pit. Reborn with a murder of crows, Nikova part deux is all avenge and no remorse. *Brand new design for 2017. *Injection-molded…

Icon Airmada Motorcycle Helmet

$180.00 - $250.00

Pushing the envelope, the Icon Airmada Motorcycle Helmet is the end result of Icon's hard-earned experience in an industry that doesn't tolerate second best. The Icon Airmada brings rider comfort to a whole new level. *Injection-molded polycarbonate shell for strength and durability. *Recessed…

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Icon Airmada Chantilly Opal Helmet


Don’t freak out, no one laced your latte – you’re just tripping on the chameleon paint of the Airmada Chantilly Opal. It enables the helmet to flip and to flop between purple and green quicker than a frog on a frying pan. You should always keep ‘em guessing, and in the Chantilly Opal, they won’t…

Icon Airmada Scrawl Helmet


AIRMADA brings track level specs to the mid price helmet category. Unique manufacturing processes allow for a significantly reduced shell size, thereby reducing both weight and drag. Its long oval headform, a first in this category, offers a race fit while eliminating pressure points. The AIRMADA is…

Icon Airmada Monkey Business Helmet


…“Primate V Automaton” battle would be a truly magnificent affair worthy of its own helmet graphic...and song. While you can now view (buy!) the Airmada Monkey Business graphic, you’ll have to visit Icon in person to hear the song. *Brand new design for 2017. *Injection-molded polycarbonate shell…

Icon Airmada Mechanica Helmet


From the treasure trove of ICON graphics of yesteryear they resurrect the forgotten anthropoid shebot. Half metal, half cyborg, all thigh, she cut a swath through the ranks of Busas and Gixxers in a time when fat tires still roamed the earth. they've brought her back for the next generation, astride…

Icon Airmada Rudos Helmet


Like a stupendous fist traveling at the speed of fight, the Airmada Rudos is here to throat-punch the world with a dose of awesome. In this sometimes smacktacular, body slammin’, asphalt beat down, Rudos and you are the world’s greatest top-rope tag-team duo. *Brand new design for 2017.…

Icon Airmada Opacity Helmet


Subsonic mating rituals are an ICON specialty. Dump clutch, loft the front, and stick those tail feathers out for all the world to see. The Airmada Opacity is an eye-spotted, feather-ruffling, cryptically-colored shot across the bow. And if that front wheel comes up too high during your impressive…

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Icon Airmada Georacer Helmet


On the make for stellar beams and psychic visions? Set aside the DMT; there’s another way to reach your personal higher frequency. The AIRMADA GEORACER™ Helmet is a hyper-colored, thrice-triangulated, tetra-pyramid of stuff we found on the internet. Is it Southwestern? Is it ancient astronaut…

Icon Airmada Lepricon Helmet


This little bugger has a raging case of gold fever… put away the cowbell, it’s not funny anymore. The gold flake, gold foil, and RST Gold Shield ride rich, so let the LeprICON take you all the way to the end of the rainbow and back. *Injection-molded polycarbonate shell for strength and durability.…

Icon Tracshield Motorcycle Helmet Replacement Faceshield

$45.00 - $50.00

*Icon Optics™ Tracshield™ fits the Airframe Pro and Airmada Helmets. *The Tracshield™ includes posts for attaching removable dust tear-offs.

Icon Optics Pinlock Faceshield

$40.00 - $45.00

*Optics Pinlock ready shields fit Airmada and Airframe Pro helmets fitted with Icon Prolock shield locking system and side plate kits. *Pinlock ready, insert sold separately.

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Icon Optics Replacement Faceshield

$40.00 - $60.00

*Optics shields fit Airmada and Airframe Pro helmets fitted with Icon Prolock shield locking system and side plate kits. *Fog-free coating.

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Icon Optics Pinlock Insert

$35.00 - $95.00

*Optics Pinlock Insert fits Optics Pinlock Faceshield for the Airmada and Airframe Pro helmets. *Pinlock Insert only, Optics Pinlock Faceshield sold separately. *Available in Clear, Dark Smoke and a transitioning from clear to light smoke lens called protecTINT.

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