120 90-17 Rear Tire

Mitas E-09 Dakar Dual Sport Rear Tire


The Mitas E-09 Dual Sport tire is designed for high performance off road with civilized manners while on pavement. The large tread blocks find traction in a variety of conditions from hard pack dirt, sand, stones and mud. Aggressive shoulder lugs dig in to maintain traction when cornering on loose…

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Bridgestone TW42 Rear Motorcycle Tire

$80.88 - $108.88

*Uni-directional Bridgestone motorcycle tire pattern for reliable performance on dry and wet surfaces. *Self-cleaning motorcycle tire tread blocks still give a traction edge for muddy and loose terrains.

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Bridgestone TW302 Rear Motorcycle Tire


…tread pattern means many edges, which helps maximize traction *Unique combination provides balanced highway and off-road performance. *Self cleaning tread blocks still give a traction edge for muddy and loose terrains. *DOT Compliant front dual-sport tire. Designed for 50% on road 50% off road use.

Metzeler Tourance Rear Motorcycle Tire


…light off-road surfaces thanks to the specific compound. *Great grip with light and precise handling make riding easier in all weather conditions. *Radial front tire features twin-layer, 4-ply diagonal tire carcass construction. *Radial rear tires feature Metzeler’s 0-degree steel belt technology.

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Shinko 712 Rear Motorcycle Tire


The 712 motorcycle tire was designed for mileage and performance without the high price tag. A staggered, positive ration tread pattern ignores highway rain and provides excellent wet weather adhesion. *Designed for mileage and performance. *Staggered tread pattern provides excellent wet weather…

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Dunlop D404 Rear Motorcycle Tire


…making this another great all-around Dunlop tire. Dunlop's D404 rear motorcycle tire delivers the quality you expect in a motorcycle tire from one of the most experienced manufacturers of tires in the street bike tire market. Dunlop D404 motorcycle tires come in a wide range of sizes that provide…

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Metzeler Lasertec Rear Motorcycle Tire


…motorcycle tire compounds ensure higher braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces. *Classic Metzeler Lasertec motorcycle tire tread pattern is designed to prevent irregular wear and cupping. *Multiple-Radius Contour Design is tuned specifically for the bias-motorcycle tire touring segment…

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Shinko 700 Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire


The Shinko 700 is a DOT compliant dual sport tire designed for 60% street and 40% trail riding. A versatile tread pattern for better dirt riding performance, without sacrificing pavement grip. *Aggressive tread pattern with deep lug construction. *Reinforced side knobs for cornering ability. *Heavy…

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Bridgestone Battlax BT45 V-Rated Rear Motorcycle Tire


…Battlax BT45 tires provide performance and great mileage. With a large crown radius, long lasting center compound and softer side compound you can corner with confidence. Quality motorcycle tire at a reasonable price for your ride. *Bridgestone Battlax BT45 V-rated bias ply motorcycle tire, designed…

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Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara Rear Motorcycle Tire


The Metzeler Sahara 3 is an Enduro tire with very good on-road performance dedicated to the globetrotters always looking for fun riding no matter what the terrain is. *Dedicated tread compound perfectly combining safe on-road cornering grip and good off-road traction. *Tread pattern geometry…

Kenda K270 Dual Sport Rear Tire


*The Kenda K270 Dual Sport tire is great for replacing your OE trail tire. It provides the perfect balance between a smooth ride on the road and great traction on the trails. *DOT Compliant (50% dirt / 50% road). *Designed for today's high performance dual sport motorcycles. *Built with a special…

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Michelin Pilot Activ Rear Motorcycle Tire


The Michelin Pilot Activ sport touring tires set a standard for bias-ply sport touring tires. With a trusted name like Michelin you can expect a high quality tire at a great price, with 20% greater tread life than earlier Michelin bias-ply tires, the Pilot Activ is built to last, and give you the…

Metzeler Sportec Klassik Rear Motorcycle Tire


…rider is looking for the latest performance in wet grip, comfort and mileage. *Modern compound solutions enhance chemical grip, while the optimized treat design ensures maximum water evacuation. *New tread groove layout, geometry and compounds ensure long-lasting performance over the tire’s life.

Continental TKC70 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire


*Brand new Conti-tire with rugged off-road capability and a balanced street performance. *Only trail-tire with a radial design constructed for off-road use – Handmade in Germany. *TKC 70 is positioned for 60% on-road and 40% off-road use. *Unique tread block pattern makes the TKC 70 quiet and stable…

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Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Rear Tire


The legendary Kenda Trakmaster II continues to be known for great value. Hit the trail and don't be afraid to take it to the road between trails. *Tall agressive knobs designed for pure performance. *Bead and sidewall construction deliver positive cornering. *Strong 6-ply rated carcass . *D.O.T.…

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Avon Roadrider AM26 Rear Motorcycle Tire


…Motorcycle Tire is a good choice. With a V speed rating and excellent grip at all lean angles, this tire is a good choice for mid-range bikes or as a performance upgrade for classic and vintage motorcycles. *Avon Roadrider motorcycle tires are ideal for mid-range motorcycles. *Large motorcycle tire

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Shinko 230 Tour Master Rear Motorcycle Tire


The Shinko 230 Tour Master motorcycle tire was designed to be a motorcycle tire capable of carrying high loads for a long distance, riding in wet or dry weather. Belted construction adds great handling and ride comfort. All this at a price that leaves money in your pocket so you can enjoy riding…

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Pirelli MT21 Dual Sport Rallycross Rear Motorcycle Tire


*Tread pattern optimised for use on dirt and gravel roads, cross-country racing and desert tours. *Chosen as one of the most aggressive Dual Sport tires by Dirt Bike magazine. *DOT Compliant but mainly designed for off road use.

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Michelin Anakee 3 Rear Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire


…mileage compared to MICHELIN® Anakee® 2 tires. *Innovative tread pattern inhibits irregular wear patterns, while evacuating water, dirt and mud. Distinctive tread pattern pulls water away from the contact patch, offering excellent wet traction. *Tire architecture engineered for easy maneuverability…

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Avon Trailrider AV54 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire


…on radial rears to enhance mileage and grip *High tech carcass construction and next generation compounds deliver superb grip and handling 90% on-road, 10% off-road *Interlocking three dimensional points hidden in the sipes to improve stability and grip, limit tread flex and allow the tire to warm…

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Shinko 244 Series Dual Sport Universal Tire


*The Shinko 244 Series dual purpose street and trail tire is designed to be equally at home on dirt or pavement. *Economically priced. *DOT compliant, tube type tire. *4-ply rating. *30% off-road / 70% on-road. *Designed for front or rear fitment.

Shinko 705 Universal F/R Dual Sport Tire

$54.42 - $69.88

The Shinko 705 tires represent dual-sport philosophy at its finest - and at one of the best prices on the market. Designed for 80/20 riding for street and trail, respectively, the 705 compound can survive thousands of miles on the highway without sacrificing performance on gravel, dirt, and sand.…

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Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire


…a motorcycle tire from one of the most experienced manufacturers of tires in the street bike tire market. Dunlop D404 motorcycle tires come in a wide range of sizes that provide great wear and performance in a motorcycle tire. The Dunlop D404 motorcycle tire comes in both front and rear versions for…

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Dunlop Elite 4 Front Motorcycle Tire


…mileage: Dunlop's all-new Elite 4 with MT Multi-Tread rear tires provide significantly more mileage than single-compound tires. *All Elite® 4 rear tires utilize Dunlop's Multi-Tread™ technology with a long-wearing compound in the center of the tire and a lateral-grip compound on each shoulder,…

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Continental ContiTrail Attack 2-Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire


…motorcycle tire. *Tread pattern adapted from the Conti Attack Family. *Better grip even in the wet combined with excellent mileage on long trips, all thanks to innovative compounding technology. *TractionSkin ensures extremely safe and short run-in time. *0° steel belted construction on the rear

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Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire


…and stability. The tire's more rigid, high-density carcass improves maneuverability, while the aramid fiber crown ply of the rear tire enhances resistance and lightness for impeccable stability, even at high speeds. *The numerous longitudinal grooves of the tire's tread pattern optimize…

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