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Avon Cobra AV71 Front Motorcycle Tire


The Avon AV71 Cobra Motorcycle Tire combines style and performance for touring, cruisers, and custom bikes. Avon's advanced VBD (Variable Belt Density) provides improved grip and stability with a large contact patch. The enhanced Aqua Flow tread gives optimal water dispersal. Features a special…

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Bridgestone G721 Exedra G-Spec Front Motorcycle Tire


*Bridgestone Uni-directional motorcycle tire pattern for reliable performance on dry and wet surfaces. *Specifically constructed motorcycle tire for today's American style Touring motorcycles.

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Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire


The MICHELIN Commander II creates a new standard with regard to durability, yet without making any compromises in terms of wet weather grip, maneuverability or stability. This performance balance provides yet another eloquent illustration of Michelin's research and development philosophy: no…

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Shinko 005 Advance Front Motorcycle Tire


A large block-type tread pattern makes the Shinko Advance motorcycle tire an excellent all-around Radial motorcycle tire, offering exceptional braking, cornering, and acceleration characteristics. *Specially designed tread grooves help dissipate water efficiently on wet surfaces. *Intermediate…

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Bridgestone G701 Exedra Touring Front Motorcycle Tire


The Bridgestone G701 is a specifically constructed motorcycle tire for today's American style Touring motorcycles. The G701 Motorcycle Tire features a uni-directional pattern that offers wet and dry performance all while giving you the most mileage possible. *Bridgestone Uni-directional motorcycle…

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Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 Front


*Click here to check out our in-depth Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 Tire review *High performance tires designed specifically with the American V-Twin rider in mind. *Optimum tread pattern for high powered American V-Twins with attractive diamond cross deco-groove. *Carcass designed for easier…

Michelin Scorcher 21 Harley-Davidson® Front Motorcycle Tire


*Conceived exclusively for Harley-Davidson® Street Rod™ Michelin® Scorcher® 21 features an exclusive Harley-Davidson® co-branded design from Michelin® Scorcher® 31. It can handle the potholes and ruts of the city, attack and eat the pavement. *Inspired by Michelin® hypersport tires with high-quality…

Drag Specialties Heavy Duty Inner Tube


*High-quality, heavy-duty rubber inner tube. *Custom sizes for extra-wide wheel applications. *Sold each. *Center metal valve (threaded and nuts) *Fits 110/90-21,120/70-21,and 4.00-21. *Center metal valve (threaded and nuts) *Center metal valve (threaded and nuts)

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Continental TKC70 Dual Sport Front Motorcycle Tire

$73.88 - $128.88

…*Only trail-tire with a radial design constructed for off-road use – Handmade in Germany. *TKC 70 is positioned for 60% on-road and 40% off-road use. *Unique tread block pattern makes the TKC 70 quiet and stable on the road while still providing good off-road capability. *Agile on streets and…

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Avon Cobra AV71 Wide White Sidewall Front Motorcycle Tire


*Avon Cobra AV71 motorcycle tires are aimed at the power cruiser/custom market. *Incorporates sports motorcycle tire technology for nimble handling. *Special Avon motorcycle tire construction to deal with heavy loads. *Incredible stability and longevity – perfect for motorcycle touring. *Unique…

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GoldenTyre GT723 Rally/Adventure Front Tire

$161.06 - $189.86

The GT723 was originally designed as a purebred race tire for the most demanding rally stages on the planet. Its perfect balance of grip and road manners have created a confidence inspiring race tire that is now used as the best adventure tire on the planet. Adventure riders throughout the world…

Michelin Anakee Wild Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire


*All-new compounds, combined with an innovative tread pattern inspired by the Dakar winning MICHELIN® Desert Race® tire, offer extraordinary longevity for extended adventures. *Offset blocks and curved tread grooves provide true off-road performance, especially in soft and challenging conditions.…

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Metzeler Tourance Front Motorcycle Tire


The Metzeler Tourance Motorcycle tire features great grip with light and precise handling make riding easier in all weather conditions. For long distance journeys, the improved carcass structure for enhanced straight line stability at high speed with smooth rolling characteristics. The Metzeler…

Shinko E-804 Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire


Utilizing the latest in big block tire technology these adventure tires are ideal for situations where a rider spends 40% on-road and 60% off-road. *40% on-road and 60% off-road *Latest in Big-Block Technology *Superior on-road handling and mileage *Stable sidewalls for soft surfaces *Bias…

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Michelin Anakee 3 Front Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tire


*Silica tread compound yields even more mileage compared to MICHELIN® Anakee® 2 tires. *Innovative tread pattern inhibits irregular wear patterns, while evacuating water, dirt and mud. Distinctive tread pattern pulls water away from the contact patch, offering excellent wet traction. *Tire…

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Metzeler Karoo 3 Front Motorcycle Tire


For Adventure and Enduro On/Off tires dedicated to off-road expeditions, that feature both off-road traction and on-road stability with an excellent mileage. *Improved Off -Road traction and handling. *Increased mileage over its predecessor. *Cutting edge tread design lends to improved performance.…

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Heidenau K60 Scout Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire


No matter if it's rocks, sand or mud the Heidenau K60 Scout Motorcycle Tire delivers sure-footed traction over any surface. Features the highest mileage wear on dirt and street. With an improved tread and compound, the K60 Scout delivers better cornering stability and wet weather grip on the street,…

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Metzeler Tourance Next Front Motorcycle Tire


The Metzeler Tourance NEXT is the Enduro street tire that dares you to challenge any weather condition and any road. The latest generation of Enduro Street tires, featuring new compounds, profiles, structure and tread pattern for unmatched levels of stability. *Improved wet grip and stability.…

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Motoz Tractionator Adventure Front Motorcycle Tire


*Designed by off road riders, for off road riders, for serious off road traction. *Technically 25% stronger than many other adventure tires. *Deeper Tread than most adventure tires. *Special compound designed to withstand the harshest of conditions found in Australia, USA, Baja, South America, South…

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Dunlop Trailsmart Front Motorcycle Tire


The all-new high-performance adventure-touring Trailsmart is a new-generation adventure tire for riders who want a tire that can take them just about anywhere they want to go. *Next generation trail tire for medium- to large-displacement adventure bikes. *Revised tread pattern for improved mileage.…

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Bridgestone Standard Motorcycle Radial Tube With TR-4 Valve Stem


*Butyl rubber tubes with heavy duty valve stems. *TR-4 center of the tube metal valve stem.

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Shinko 705 Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

$49.13 - $81.88

The Shinko 705 tires represent dual-sport philosophy at its finest - and at one of the best prices on the market. Designed for 80/20 riding for street and trail, respectively, the 705 compound can survive thousands of miles on the highway without sacrificing performance on gravel, dirt, and sand.…

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Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Front Motorcycle Tire

$83.97 - $119.97

*Well-tried multi-use tire for both street and dirt. *Tried and tested for long hauls and competition. *Self-cleaning tread pattern. *High levels of side stability on soft surfaces. *Very good on-road handling and mileage. *40% on-road and 60% offroad. *Original equipment on BMW 1200 GS Adventure…

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Avon Trailrider AV53 Dual Sport Front Motorcycle Tire


*New Super Rich Silica Compound using the very latest compounding technology to enhance wet grip *Multi-compound treads on radial rears to enhance mileage and grip *High tech carcass construction and next generation compounds deliver superb grip and handling 90% on-road, 10% off-road *Interlocking…

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Continental ContiTrail Attack 2-Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire


*Specially developed road-suitable enduro tires for big and powerful dual-sport motorcycles. *Continental 85% on road and 15% off road motorcycle tire. *Tread pattern adapted from the Conti Attack Family. *Better grip even in the wet combined with excellent mileage on long trips, all thanks to…

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Bridgestone Battlax BT45 H-Rated Front Motorcycle Tire


A perfect fit for your sport or touring bike, the Bridgestone Battlax BT45 tires provide performance and great mileage. With a large crown radius, long lasting center compound and softer side compound you can corner with confidence. Quality motorcycle tire at a reasonable price for your ride.…

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STI Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube


*Made from high quality butyl rubber. *Heavy duty 2mm tube.

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STI Extreme Duty Motorcycle Tube


*Made from high quality butyl rubber. *Extreme duty 3mm tube.

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Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Front Motorcycle Tire

$112.88 - $157.99

*Street Enduro tires for Dual Purpose motorcycles used mainly on roads. *Suited to Enduro motorcycles with a Touring setup, capable of tackling long journeys and excursions with light off road stretches. *Increased mileage, improved wet grip with an incredible performance consistency throughout its…

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Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 Front Motorcycle Tire


*Offers enhanced wet performance, stability and wear life compared to its predecessor the Battlax Adventure A40. *Developed with an emphasis on shortening braking distance and improved cornering on wet surfaces. *Increased groove ratios on the tire’s shoulder for better water dispersion. *Reduced…

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Shinko 777 Front H.D. Motorcycle Tire


The 777 motorcycle tire was designed for mileage and performance without the high price tag. A staggered, positive ration tread pattern ignores highway rain and provides excellent wet weather adhesion. *H Rated tubeless *Aramid belted. *Excellent choice for cruising or touring. *777 H.D. (Heavy…

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Bridgestone Exedra Max Front Motorcycle Tire


The Bridgestone Exedra Max Motorcycle tire features a unique wide shaped profile that supports touring type riding with less fatigue. With its specific rubber compound you will see much better mileage. Great in both wet and dry conditions providing confident grip in all riding weather. *Specific…

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Kenda Tuff Motorcycle Tube

$8.88 - $18.97

*Twice as thick as most original equipment tubes . *Made from high quality butyl rubber.

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Motoz Tractionator GPS Front Motorcycle Tire


Got the right bike, got the right GPS, get the right tires. MOTOZ TRACTIONATOR GPS Tires are made for GPS inspired riders who need dependability in all conditions. MOTOZ designed them to get you anywhere on the globe and back home again. Long mileage, serious traction and smooth transition from…

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Pirelli Night Dragon Front Motorcycle Tire


The Pirelli Night Dragon represents the contact between performance and style, between the world of speed and the custom world, between the passion that always has characterized Pirelli values and products, and the passion of the V-Twin world. Constructed to fit both Harley-Davidson® and metric…

Metzeler Lasertec Front Motorcycle Tire


With it's “Sport Touring” carcass design with lighter, more resistant Polyester fiber the Metzeler Lasertec gives higher comfort and improving handling. The Lasertec features a compound with high Silica developed for outstanding grip both in dry and in wet enhancing riding performance. The classic…

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Dunlop Elite 4 Front Motorcycle Tire


Mileage, mileage and more mileage: Dunlop's all-new Elite 4 with MT Multi-Tread rear tires provide significantly more mileage than single-compound tires. *All Elite® 4 rear tires utilize Dunlop's Multi-Tread™ technology with a long-wearing compound in the center of the tire and a lateral-grip…

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Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Front Motorcycle Tire


*Ultra high mileage coupled with Metzeler performance and handling. *Specifically designed for Custom Touring bikes. *Technology offering consistent performance throughout the tire's life. *Outstanding high and low speed stability and smooth handling.

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Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire


The Dunlop D404 tire expands size range to include most modern and older metric cruisers, and at the price range, this is a cause for celebration. The tread compound balances longevity and grip to offer the best of both worlds, while the tread patterns themselves are optimized for wet weather…

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Shinko 244 Series Dual Sport Universal Tire


*The Shinko 244 Series dual purpose street and trail tire is designed to be equally at home on dirt or pavement. *Economically priced. *DOT compliant, tube type tire. *4-ply rating. *30% off-road / 70% on-road. *Designed for front or rear fitment.

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Shinko 230 Tour Master Front Motorcycle Tire


The Shinko 230 Tour Master motorcycle tire was designed to be a motorcycle tire capable of carrying high loads for a long distance, riding in wet or dry weather. Belted construction adds great handling and ride comfort. All this at a price that leaves money in your pocket so you can enjoy riding…

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Pirelli MT66-Route Front Motorcycle Tire


*Developed for metric cruiser bikes of all sizes in a classic tread design. *Designed for wet grip, exceptional handling, riding comfort and durability. *Designed to provide a smooth ride with superior stability. *Exceptional performance at an exceptional value.

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Dunlop Elite 3 Bias-Ply Touring Front Motorcycle Tire


The Dunlop Elite 3 is a complete range of bias and bias belted high mileage touring tires. Designed for today’s large displacement touring motorcycles it provides class leading wet-pavement performance and long wear. *Dunlop's complete range of bias and belted-bias high-mileage premium touring…

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