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  • REV'IT! Horizon 2 Jacket

    REV'IT! Horizon 2 Jacket

    Andrew in OR

    Getting What You Pay For..

    As someone who commutes on a motorcycle, rain or shine, I need a jacket I can trust to do what it claims- primarily to protect me from the elements. Beyond that, I also need a jacket that's versatile enough to not be useless outside of rain or extreme cold. So far I've spent about a month in this jacket, using it in temperatures from above 85 to below 25. Most recently in the last few weeks I've used it in the rain, and since quickly concluded with surety that the investment was worth it. My biggest appreciation for this jacket is how honest the design is. Oftentimes with motorcycle apparel, you see new technology that's designed with the right idea in mind, and advertised to be flawless, but when it comes down to it the function just isn't quite what you would expect for the price tag. When I read online reviews and watched product detail videos on this jacket, part of me worried the new ventilation tech was too good to be true. Then I went on a road trip to California where I got on the bike in sub 40 degree weather and hopped off in 86 degree blue skies and baking roads. To put it frankly, the chest vents on this jacket are nothing short of genius. They open up a large portion of your torso to airflow that you can feel instantly- all without having to step off the bike or even take your eyes off the road. Fumbling around for zippers with bulky gloves on can be a challenge, but with these vents there is only a quick zipper and then an automatically locking magnetic catch that you don't have to see to find. The motion is one handed, quick, and easy. I've always considered vents to be somewhat of an afterthought with motorcycle jackets, but the Horizon 2 is practically designed around the ventilation system. Obviously there is also a back vent for the really hot days, which functions just as well but is better operated off the saddle. Next in line on my list of favorite features has to be the pocket designs. When it comes to riding jackets, I'm picky. I hate having to take my gloves off just to add or subtract something from my pockets. In the case of the Horizon 2, REV'IT! nailed it. I have 2 main front pockets with velcro that have ample storage but are easy to access. Perfect for my bulky tri-fold wallet and an extra neck warmer. Off to the side, there are 2 more "handwarming" pockets that don't have either velcro or a zipper closure: just a simple button. I'll admit I don't really use these pockets for handwarming, rather quick storage of my keys and phone when I'm running errands and transitioning off and on the bike frequently. In any case, it's hard not to love pockets you can use with gloves on. Some of my other incidental appreciations of this jacket include the adjustable neck closure, the 270 degree zipper, and the lightweight but thick material throughout. Beyond the plethora of exceptional design features included with this jacket, there is a slew of raw performance. Because the waterproof liner is attached to the main layer of the jacket, it is automatically lighter and less bulky. Inserting the thermal liner is a quick procedure, and always worth it once the temp drops below freezing and wind chill starts to wear you down. That being said, I have only used the thermal liner on my longer day trips so far. For commuting and short rides, I simply throw a fleece on under the jacket and I stay plenty warm for about 30 minutes to an hour. Is it really waterproof? Until I walked out of dinner a few weeks ago to downpour, I would have said "probably." After that night and many more wet rides, I can say "definitely" with confidence. It's waterproof. Enough said on that. Now when it comes to value, any cynic can say you don't need to spend this much on a motorcycle jacket. But when you consider what it does? This jacket is fully capable as an all-encompassing touring piece for that hardcore guy. The one you see step off his R1200GS after a 12 hour day of riding- still smiling. Why? Because he could have spent $800+ on a jacket that does that same exact thing as this one. For me, it's the only winter jacket I'll need for the next 10 years. After this last month though, who's to say I won't want another cold weather REV'IT! piece next year?

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  • REV'IT! Women's Levante Textile Jacket

    REV'IT! Women's Levante Textile Jacket

    Loose in DC

    Rev'it +1

    I bought the same model jacket for myself 3 years ago. Love it so much I bought a ladies model for my gf. Comfortable, versatile, looks & wears great. I like the features & liner works in mild weather. A quality & well constructed garment. I purchased the optional armor which increases its weight & slightly limits the airflow, as about what one would expect.

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