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Motorcycle Riding Protection and Body Armor

Having the right protection is essential to the safety of motorcycle riding. Riders Domain offers a large assortment of protective gear from top brands – including EVS, Alpinestars, Forcefield and more. We carry a range of protection levels including CE Level 2 certified protection, depending upon the type of product. We also carry a variety of replacement parts including hip and shoulder armor, knee sliders and back pads. If you need assistance choosing the motorcycle gear protection that is right for you, give us a call at 1-800-721-8253 or email with any questions. We’re happy to help!

Latest Protection Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Klim D3O EVO X T5 Knee/Elbow Pads

    Klim D3O EVO X T5 Knee/Elbow Pads

    John in CA

    Great Product!

    More than satisfied with my D30 knee armor. Looks great, fits great and seems to really harden upon impact. Don't know how it would perform upon real impact, but from testing a bat to the knee it did great at absorbing the impact and sparing me from serious injury! Only improvement would be to improve airflow, but nothing major.

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  • Plugfones Liberate Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

    Plugfones Liberate Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

    Dale in PA

    Quietest Hearing Protectors I've ever used!

    I would recommend these to anyone working with loud tools, I have used the earlier Plugfone ear buds and was extremely pleased with them. The only drawbacks were: Long length of the cord allowed them to be entangled with objects when you'd bend over. This caused the demise of my first pair. (2.0 has a shorter distance between plugs which corrects this problem) Lack of a neck strap to allow you to have them out and ready for use when you had to talk to someone. I find that these are so quiet that I have to take one out to talk to someone. I had tied on some elastic on the first pair to try and correct this, a contributing factor in my first pairs demise. Other then the snagging issue I found these to be extremely durable and well built, the carrying case is well built and small enough to carry in your pocket. I work in an area that is hot and they aren't bothered by heat or sweat. Pros: The first set I had only had a 6 hour battery these advertise that they have a bigger battery which should last all day. I update this review when I've had a chance to test this. Blue tooth connectivity is excellent, sound quality true to life, and with the quality of noise reduction found that even working around air impact guns and lawn mowers I could listen at half volume to Audible (audio books) and not miss a word. Music is awesome I just like books. I've tried in the past several different active hearing protectors (3M Peltor and Ryobie) and the Plugfone Liberate are quieter (even when the active were powered down) and far more comfortable than either of these. I work 12 hour shifts and this is a big selling point for me! Where I bought my first pair didn't have them listed anymore, (Amazon) and virtually everywhere I looked on the web was out of stock, these are really a hot item, and after trying them you'll find out why.

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