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Riders Domain offers a large selection of motorcycle eyewear, including motorcycle goggles and motorcycle sunglasses. Engineered to provide not only safety but style, riding eyewear has been constructed with the most durable of materials and designed to fit securely and comfortably. We offer motorcycle eyewear from top brands, including Bobster, Global Vision, Oakley, Spy and more. Riders Domain’s got you covered.

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  • Bobster Photochromic Fat Boy Sunglasses

    Bobster Photochromic Fat Boy Sunglasses


    Do NOT go dark enough

    Ordered online so no chance to try out before receiving. Very disappointed in the photo chromatic ability. They do NOT go dark enough even in direct sunlight after any amount of time. Still end up squinting a lot in bright sunlight. Large bend in the frame ear pieces also means you can't wear under a flip-up helmet from the pain caused by helmet pressure on the ear pieces. Do NOT recommend.

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