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Motorcycle Intake - Velocity Stacks and Intake Manifolds

One of the first modifications riders usually make on a motorcycle is to upgrade the intake. Changing out the stock air filter and replacing it with a high-quality aftermarket filter or intake system is part of the process for enhancing your motorcycle and setting it up to produce more power. Another obvious reason for air filters is to clean the air your motorcycle uses before it is breathed in to the engine. Stock air filters are generally made of paper, and while they do a pretty good job at keeping harmful particles out of your engine, they can get dirty quickly and have to be replaced. One of the best features of an aftermarket air filter is that they are generally reusable, meaning after a good cleaning and oiling with proper filter cleaners and oils, these filters can be used again and again while performing like new each time. Since cruiser air filters and intake systems are usually right out in the open for the world to see, they might as well look good, right? Filters are an easy way to instantly change up the look and feel of your bike. Brands like Baron, Cobra, Kuryakyn, Performance Machine, Roland Sands Design and more not only make quality filters that will help in your bike’s efficiency, they come in styles that will have heads turning in your bike’s direction anywhere you go. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to call us at 1-800-721-8253 or email We’re happy to help!

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  • Kuryakyn Velociraptor Air Cleaner

    Kuryakyn Velociraptor Air Cleaner

    Kyle in TX

    Works great!

    2014 Yamaha Bolt I got this air cleaner to replace an older one ($300+) made of fiberglass/polycarbonate. This thing sealed great & has improved my “smoothness” of acceleration& deceleration. It’s helped my fuel controller dramatically! Only issue during instal was the 3 OEM M5 screws were BARELY long enough, I just replaced them with some M5-0.8x25mm. Much better fit! Other item that I noticed was that the finished product sticks out a bit from the flow lines of the bike, but does not interfere with riding position or anything else. Maybe it’s just me..... but it works great for an air cleaner under $300. Wish it was less but for $211/$212 to the door, it’s great!

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  • Vance & Hines VO2 Air Intake

    Vance & Hines VO2 Air Intake

    dkstuck in PA

    air intake V&H

    I had exhaust done and tuner but just wasn't happy! I got Vance & Hines air intake and still keep my stock cover like I wanted! Easy installation and about one complete hour install time. Intake makes all work the best together! Very happy with ALL!!!

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