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Motorcycle Drive - Chain & Sprocket Kits, Chains, Drive Belts and More

Next to the engine, the drive system on your motorcycle might just be one of the most important components for actually propelling your motorcycle down the road. Whether your bike is chain, belt or shaft driven, a problem with the drive can make your ride go from enjoyable to impossible and everything in between. At Riders Domain, we supply everything you need to keep your chain, sprockets and drive belts in good working order, and offer a host of replacements if it is time to change them out or upgrade. We carry a huge selection from brands like DID, EK, Primary Drive and many more. If you need assistance, give us a call at 1-800-721-8253 or email We’re happy to help!

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  • Gates Polychain Final Drive Motorcycle Belt

    Gates Polychain Final Drive Motorcycle Belt

    silverfox in MT

    Needs miles to rate durability

    Item is quite costly, however you get what you pay for. I have tried cheaper belts and they do not meet the standards as you will be left by the road side more often than not. I rated the durability at moderate as I have not put enough miles on the bike as yet but expect that it will meet the highest of standards. Alberta, Canada. Montana nearest state 50 miles.

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  • Vortex V3 SSA Super Street Chain and Sprocket Kit

    Vortex V3 SSA Super Street Chain and Sprocket Kit

    Robert in CO

    I spent 284 bucks on a alum sprocket

    I commute to work so I will pay for quality products, I was shocked when I opened the box and found and alum rear sprocket. I have had these in the past and I am typically lucky to get 3 thousand miles on them. They will not handle the power of the bikes. I am going back to the did chain and sprockets and I get close to 24 thousand miles it for about 40 bucks less.

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