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Motorcycle Accents and Covers - Batteries, Brakes, Filters, Forks and More

Add some style to your bike with some high quality covers and accents. Riders Domain carries a variety of motorcycle caps and covers to protect and optimize the look of your ride. From frame and swingarm covers, to fork covers and drive shaft covers, to engine and oil filter covers, we’ve got the assortment you’re looking for. We carry a large selection of top brands including Roland Sands Design, Performance Machine, Cobra, Show Chrome and more. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to call us at 1-800-721-8253 or email We’re happy to help!

Latest Accents/Covers Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Motion Pro Throttle/Idle Cable Clamp

    Motion Pro Throttle/Idle Cable Clamp

    Jeff in AR

    Won't break the bank

    Good quality cable clamp, used on LA Choppers braided cables, looks good for a fraction of the cost of HD or Drag clamps.

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  • Kuryakyn Zombie Blade Spinning Axle caps

    Kuryakyn Zombie Blade Spinning Axle caps

    Kevin in CA

    Not A Constant Spin, But MUCH Better Than Stock!!

    There wasn't anything on this page to tell me specs such as weight, material compound, dimensions and going to the site doesn't give you much else to go on either. I thought it looked cool and relied on the Kuryakyn brand name for quality - AND I WASN'T DISAPPOINTED!!<br> When these arrived the package (which looks just like you would see at a retail store - red/black cardboard back with product wrapped in heat shrunk molded plastic) was MUCH heavier than I expected. This told me YES IT'S MADE OF METAL AND NOT PLASTIC as I had feared. The base which fits over your axle end is a thick and heavy metal. The fins that spin are also chrome plated ABS which feel metal to me although I have no idea what ABS stands for. No it's not Anti-Lock Brakes!! The fins are durable enough to stand a few good rock hits I'm sure. They are definitely not plastic feeling. Very solid and sturdy construction. Comes fully assembled.<br> Very easy installation: Set it over axle end and tighten the one allen screw! That's it! You would think (as I did) this method isn't at all secure enough with all the wind force pushing against it to make it spin coupled with bike/road vibration??? I am PROUD to announce that even after my maiden 70 mile highway voyage cruising at about 80-95mph - THEY WERE STILL ON WITHOUT ANY LOOSENESS OR "WIGGLE"!! I thought for sure I had to re-tighten. Nope. 400 miles later have I had to re-tighten? Nope. I do stick the wrench in there just to check and be safe, but it doesn't move when I do the righty-tighty thing. I would definitely suggest turning your allen wrench as far as you can to make sure they don't fall off... This is what I did in the beginning and it has worked well for me.<br> Now the answer to the ONLY question you are probably reading this for: <b>HOW DO THEY SPIN???</b><br> Let me preface my answer by saying, "If you are expecting automobile spinners like on Pimp My Ride or Pimp My Monster Truck (depending on which side of the tracks you're from) that spin forever even when stopped YOU ARE IN FOR A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT."<br> Kuryakyn says they start to spin at about 25mph - which is true, but keep in mind they STOP spinning as your speed dips below that mark. Yes, you read that right, but let me say it again for clarity: "they STOP spinning." They don't gradually come to a stop like automobile spinners do (or like your ceiling fan at home when you turn it off). They just stop. Even above 25mph, they will spin fast then spin slow spin fast slow faaaaaaaaaast stop faaaaaaaaaast slow fast slow. Get the picture? Like my title says "Not A Constant Spin", but they do look AMAZING on your bike (I have a black 2oo8 Road Glide). I get compliments ALL the time. Much MUCH better looking than the big ugly open stock allen wrench screw that I never noticed how ugly it was until I covered up one side.<br> Anyway, yes they do spin, but not smoothly. I have came up with the conclusion that this is because the front tire "splits" the wind as you ride and the blades on these spinners catch varying degrees of deflected wind causing the erratic spinning behavior. Wow. That almost sounded scientific!<br> <b>Bottomline:</b> They look *AWESOME* on and bring eye attention to a part of the bike that 97% of the people out there ignore unless you've spent thousands on custom rims. The overall sex appeal these spinners add is well worth the money. Hope this helps.<br>

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