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Motorcycle Bluetooth and Wired Communicators

Looking for communicators? Riders Domain carries a large selection of motorcycle communicators, including Bluetooth communicators, wired communicators, accessories and headsets. Features include Bluetooth 4.0 technology, high definition audio quality, group intercoms, smartphone accessories, and much, much more. We carry communicators and accessories from top brands including Sena, UCLEAR, Schuberth, Chatterbox and more. If you need communicators, we strive to serve. We take pride in getting product to our customers quick and at a great price with great customer service. We stand behind the product we sell and will do everything in our power to help you make the best purchasing decision possible. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to call us at 1-800-721-8253 or email [email protected].

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  • Cardo Systems Scala Rider PackTalk

    Cardo Systems Scala Rider PackTalk

    chase in UT

    quit waiting and get one!

    I've been using this now for a few months and i've been very happy with it. It has worked great with little hassles. Playing music and talking to other riders is so nice. I love not having to route a cord from my phone to listen to music. The APP is very easy to use and makes configuring my PackTalk up pretty straight forward and simple. Now they say it has a range of about a mile unit to unit. In a perfect world on a straight stretch of highway this may be true. Ultimately, it comes down to line of sight. If you can see the other rider then you'll be able to hear and talk to them. Once you lose sight of them the range is drastically shorter. So don't set your expectations too high for the range and you won't be disappointed. The voice command has worked well. At highway speeds i don't even bother using it. Too much wind noise. In town and at lower speeds(

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