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Shoei X-Fourteen Helmets and Accessories

Shoei broke the mold with its Snell and DOT approved X-Fourteen motorcycle helmet, which replaces the long popular X-Twelve. The updated lid is the product of extensive testing, both within controlled conditions and out on track in the hands of professional riders. This painstaking work has resulted in a shell shaped for optimal aerodynamics, with dynamic intake and exhaust vents ideally positioned for maximum airflow in the ride position. It’s made from the highest quality organic fibers to ensure a lightweight yet durable exterior, and inside are innovative touches like the Cheek Pad Cooling System, which allows air to flow from channels in the EPS through holes in the cheek pad foam directly to your face. And that only scratches the surface of all the thought Shoei put in to the X-Fourteen. For a full rundown of all the features, see any of our X-Fourteen listings. Or check out all Shoei helmets for sale here.